I Love My Life....A Trip Report


:wub:We are home and settled in from the most fantastic vacation ever! I am in the process of resizing my pictures (I’ve got TONS of them) and I am ready to start my trip report.

If you are interested in reading about my cast of characters check out my pre-trip report. I will be posting the real TR in moments!




Yay!! A new TR!!! I’m so happy that you had such a wonderful time!


Yea!! I can’t wait to read all about it!! And welcome back!!!


I am sitting here deciding where to begin so I will start at the beginning.

For those that do not want to read the long Pre-Trip Report my Cast of Characters:

My DH Rob
My DS Tyler


That is the sound of my alarm going off at 5:30 am Monday, September 15.

I am actually startled from a sound sleep! I could not believe that I actually slept the night before a WDW vacation. I went to bed at 10 pm thinking that I would not get a wink of sleep and when I woke up I was well rested. What a great start, nothing can go wrong.

We wake Ty up at 6 am thinking it would take some time to get him up and ready for a 6:45 am limo pick up but he shoots right out of bed and tries to dress him self before he even goes to the bathroom.

As I am getting dressed the phone rings and its the limo driver. He is here 15 minutes early! Yes!!! Nothing is going to go wrong!

We quickly grab our stuff and head outside to the Limo for our 8:50 am direct flight on Air Tran out of Midway Airport.

At the airport they have statutes of the Blues Brothers. Rob just had to have a pic!


Remember when I said nothing can go wrong?!?

Well, I jinxed myself.

We had booked a direct flight to Orlando to leave at 8:50 am.

We arrive at Midway at 7:10 am.

We go to curbside check-in and the nice guy politely tells me that there is not flight number 412.

What are you talking about (I pull out my WDW Bible) and show him that there is a flight.

He tells me that I have to go inside.

OK. The not so pleasant woman behind the counter informs me that they notified me by e-mail on July 7th that my flight was cancelled and I was re booked for the 8 am flight to Atlanta.

OK. Can we make that flight and what time is my flight from Atlanta to Orlando?
Ummmmm. We do not have you on a connecting flight yet.

OK. You cancel my flight and change me to vacationing in Atlanta?
You need to call customer service. There is nothing we can do for you. You will not make the 8:00 flight.

OK. I grab my cell phone and try to fix this. Rob is fuming and keeps asking for a supervisor.
There is no supervisor available.

Then a gentleman that was standing 2 counters away sees the commotion and comes over.
Can I help you?
Rob: I am trying to speak with a supervisor.
I am a supervisor.

WHAT? She said there were no supervisors. “She knows better than that”

I pass the phone to Rob (I was still on hold) just to be on the safe side that this guy can’t help us. While I am speaking to the supervisor Rob finally talks to someone on the phone and they told Rob to ask for a supervisor!

So…To make a short story long…

This supervisor got us on the 10 am flight to Atlanta and the connecting flight to Orlando. We arrive in Orlando at about 4:30. He also confirms us on a direct flight home on Sunday night, 6:45 pm.

Alls well that ends well.


WOW you were much more calm than I ever would have been!!!


OMG…that’s AWEFUL! Not a way I’d want to start my vacation. I hope your stress level evened off when you finally touched down in Orlando. It really stinks that you had to waste a whole day in airports when you should have been enjoying your vacation much sooner. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this TR!


I have never been so happy to get off of a plane in my entire life!

We are in Orlando! I actually start to tear up!

We make our way over to Magical Express. I was under the impression that there was going to be a loooooonnnnng wait but we were checked in quickly and on a bus in about 5 minutes! That was too cool.

I loved the bus! Ty did too. He really loved the movie. I started tearing up again. ( You will come to find that I did that a lot this trip!)


Holy cow :ohmy: that would have put me in a really grumpy mood.


I’ve been waiting for this!! I’m glad you’ve started you TR!! Can’t wait to read more!!!

Love the LIMO!! STYLE!!!

That stinks that the flights were all screwed up! I would have been so furious!

Can’t wait to read more!


We were the first stop on the Magical Express and when we pulled up to the hotel I was amazed. I could not wait to get inside!

There was no line at check in and when I started talking to the lady I started to cry! She was like…Whats wrong. I said nothing I was just excited to start our vacation and that it was Tys first trip. She actually called me cute then gave me a button for Ty that said “My First Visit”.

We were quickly checked in and headed for room 4136. We had a view of trees. Beyond the trees was the DVC pool but mostly we looked at trees. I was fine with that considering that we NEVER used the balcony. And even if we did they were pretty trees!

Our room was exactly what I expected. I never thought how wall hooks would come in so handy. What a great addition to the room.

The following is a few pics of the hotel and the room.


This is a picture of the room and a picture of the towel animal that was waiting for us. We had many towel animals throughout the week but I never took a pic. I thought I did…Sorry!


After we get settled in the room we decide to check out the resort before our 7 pm ADR at Whispering Canyon.

Let me just tell you that this resort is beautiful. We checked out the boat dock, the geyser, the pool, the BAR (we got some good coctails for the walk) and the beach.

It was so peaceful. We had the beach and playground to ourselves so we just kicked back on some chairs, enjoyed our drinks while Ty played on the jungle gym and made sand angels.

It was a wonderful, relaxing way to start off our vacation.


2 things…

The building behind Rob and Ty in the above picture is the Contemporary DVC building.

The sand was sooooooooooooo clean and soft.


Hey Lisa! welcome home! did you get my PM- TY is so adorable he gets cuter by the minute! looking forward to reading your TR- havent got round to doing mine yet :frowning:


Glad you had a wonderful time and keep the great TR coming.


Hey Lisa~ Your family is beautiful!!! Great start except Airtran. I will never ever use them too many bad things I heard of. cant wait to hear more about the trip and see some pics.


TY is SOOOOO cute!! WL looks like a fantastic resort…I can’t wait to read more of your review of it!


Yay, I have been waiting for this trip report! Can’t wait to hear the rest and see more pics. Ty is so cute!


Oh I thought I PMd you back. Now that I think of it I was so busy that I was gonna PM you back! Sorry!

I am sorry about how you were feeling. I hope the whole trip was not a bust!