I made ADRs for early May, but no parks times are up yet


How crazy is that? I was a mean and rotten person, I made a couple ADR for Ohana. As soon as park hours comes out, I’ll drop one. How can disney want us to plan 6 months, if they don’t give out park times. I know park hours can change , but at least it’s a start. So in a week or two, an ADR for ohana will open up.

If you look online, a few days of May comes up. Every park has hours of 9 to 9. I doubt that is true.


It’s so hard to plan ADRs when park hours aren’t out. I’ve done it but it just a shot in the dark. Most of the time I can make it work but it’s not always the best plan. Our 180 days rolls around in about a month so I’ll be in the same position.


We are going with DS and family again. I 'm thinking maybe we would eat dinner and we’d take the boys to the resort and DS and DDIL could head back into MK, extra magic hours perhaps… I need some input on Disney’s point. My luck I probably picked two evenings that doesn’t have extra hours and that plan is out the window.