I made an ADR for Donald's Breakfastsaurus


for Thursday morning of our upcoming vacation.

It will give us 2 ADRs that day, which I would try to avoid as a rule, but ALL we have planned that day is AK in the morning to do EE, Kali, and Conservation Station.

then, back to the resort all day, and an ADR at 'Ohana for the evening (6:30)

I think I might call and get a later reservation for 'Ohana. Is there a BAD time to go? Is it fine later in the evening, too?

We’re paying OOP for breakfast, but it has DONALD and PLUTO (Matt and Caisley’s favorites), and it will get us in the AK so we can RUN to EE for FASTPASSES! (Which will make Mikie, Sissy, and me VERY happy!)


Erin, last week I had an ADR for 8:20 at Donald’s. We finished eating in time for the rope drop, but Gail couldn’t walk as fast as me, so it took us longer to get to the line for EE. I grabbed fast passes and we had a 10 minute wait for our first ride. We went around for a second, and waited 20 minutes. By that time, our fast pass was active. So we got in three rides really fast. We went back over to Primevel Whirl and rode it once. Then we decided it was too nasty hot, so we went home. I’m so glad we’ve got annual passes.


LOL, I can totally relate. We love our passes, too. It makes it nice to not “have” to do it at a certain time, doesn’t it? It’s a whole new way to experience WDW.

Did you like breakfastsaurus? I hope it’s good~


Erin, I though you’d have remembered by now, if it’s a breakfast character buffet, I’ve eaten there many times already. Do I enjoy Donald’s? I’m one of the people who always defends Donald’s when others complain about it. I’ll even be giving Goofy’s Beach Club another chance in September.


Erin…can I come? That’s my favorite breakfast at WDW followed by my favorite dinner…very good choices! I approve…If you care…HAHAHA!


I have never been there. I am interested to hear what you think of it Erin.


Soundgod - I didn’t remember! But, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m sure we will, too!

Millermouse - yes, I care, and sure - come along! We’ll be there on SEpt. 28 at 9! The menu looks good, and we love Donald, so we should love it, too!!!




We have ADR for 8:00 am for Donald’s in September.
I have been told that the food isn’t that good, but I can’t believe that… it’s DISNEY!


Personally, I didn’t think the food was great, but the CM’s there were very good. It’s pretty small, so the character interraction was very good, and they did a nice family pic at a setup right outside the entrance. I like the attire on the characters here (their jungle garb). All in all, I’d do it again!

Have fun, bring us back lots of pictures…


Our family loves DB’s! We found the food was pretty good, along with selections. The CM’s were funny and great, especially if you get one that is totally into everything. The character interaction is pretty good, they keep them moving so everyone has time with them.

Now we have not been there since EE opened, but we would get an ADR for 8:30 and when we were finished, we would go straight to Dinosaur. Was great because it just opened and no waiting.


You are going to enjoy that breakfast. I love it there even if the food hates me. You are also in prime location. As for O’hanna, there is never a bad time to go there in my opinion. The later and more popular the dining time, the longer you may have to wait for a table, but who cares? You are on vacation!


Oh, they are making eggs to order at Donald’s, but you have to ask your server to order omlets and such from the kitchen.


Well, now I am just excited!! If Dana loves it - it must be good! :heart:

Soundgod - I don’t like omlets…I’m sorry! I will suggest it to Mikie and Sissy, though - as they adore omlets! :c)


I had the best experience there last trip. The server was fantastic! The characters move quickly and you will definately get to see each and everyone of them before you are done eating. There are SO many choices there also. I dare anyone to come out of there with an empty stomach. No matter what diet or food prefernces you have, there is definately at least one thing for you. I just wish I didn’t have all the trouble with the buffet foods. That would make it more enjoyable to me. I have to stick to cold, noncooked foods from now on. I got SO sick from all the buffets last trip.


we had a great time at Donald’s our server was really funny. The food was good a very big variety.


If you time your ADR for O’hana’s right, you could enjoy dinner then head to the beach to catch Wishes!!


We’ve been to Donald’s twice. Enjoyed it both times. Had 8am ADRs and were seated about 8:01 in the front room. Characters come to that room first. The food is pretty good, and the character interaction is great.

If you’re finished eating around 8:45 walk straight over to the bridge by the old Tarzan / New Nemo attraction. The CMs didn’t let anyone “run” over to EE when we were there in June. At 9am they orderly “walked” everyone over to EE.

Have fun! You’ll love Donald’s.


We really enjoyed Donalds too! We had an early breakfast and then walked over to Dinosaur and were the first ones to ride that day!