I made an executive decision


and just booked a Disney trip!!! I just can’t take it anymore. We are usually lucky enough to be able to take off for long weekends about 8-10 times a year, but we have been so busy! We have only been there once this year so I wanted to get a trip in before our Seasonal Passes are blocked out for the summer.

We will be staying at Fort Wilderness June 5-10th- and I was able to get the passholder rate!!

I haven’t even told my husband yet… I did call, but he wouldn’t answer his cell phone. Oh well!! :laugh:


YAY for you. Hope yall have a great time. Did you make any ressies yet?


Have fun! I am sure that he will like your choices.


Sweet!! Have a great time!!


I don’t think I am going to make any ADR’s. I have committed myself for 40 weeks to a new eating plan and eating out at Disney sure will screw that up. We are staying in our camper and we want to take it easy. So, if we feel the need to eat out I guess we will try a walk up somewhere.


Oooo exciting!! I love the thirll of booking a new trip! BTW, love the dertmination you have for your new eating plan but a Disney treat while your there can’t hurt right? Maybe even if you just pick your all time favorite place and meal, because of the eating plan you’ll probably enjoy the ADR even more :slight_smile:


Congrats! If Dh gets mad tell him he should answer his phone…lol


That was my plan, I tried calling 3 times. He really didn’t - he is so laid back (and smart) he just said OK.


VERY smart man.:laugh: