I made my ADR's


I made my ADR’s for our January trip. How does this sound?
Lunch at Rainforest Cafe in AK
Lunch at Sci Fi Diner
Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s
Dinner at Ohana’s
Dinner at CHef Mickey’s (DD request)
Hoop de doo!!!

I may add something else, but I think we’ll mostly eat the rest at counter service, as I am trying to save $$$$ this trip.


They look great! How long are you staying at the world for?


That’s so exciting! Your choices sound great, you pick some nice places.


We’ll be there from January 14-22. I can’t wait!!!


We overlap by a day, I arrive on Jan 21.

You’re ADR’s look great.



Excellent choices.

I STILL can’t quite get my head around calling them ADR’s. I’m so used to PS’s…

My dad and I will likely fight over the checks, so to make up for it, we’re eating at some of the more expensive places:
Dinner at Portobello YC, Narcoossee’s & Flying Fish
Lunch at Le Cellier

And we’re doing 2 character meals: Chef Mickey’s for breakfast and Crystal Palace for dinner on the night we’re going to MVMCP.

We’re doing Disney in style.


Everything sounds awesome. I am so happy for you! I have never been to Sci-Fi but I am sure you will have a blast.

Lisa :mickey:


The plans look awesome! You got some good picks!


Looks great. Lots of good choices.