I made my ADR's


Okay, so most of you know that my 2 youngest kiddos and I are headed to WDW in August during the free dining plan thingie. Here’s what I have chosen for our TS meals:

Sci fi diner
Hoop de doo (you didn’t think I’d skip this did you?)
Chef Mickey’s Breakfast
Temanyanni in Japan (I wanted Le Ceiler but it was booked)
1900 park fare for dinner or Whispering canyon for lunch( I booked both but will only choose one)

Any thoughts?


Looks great, we went to all of these but WCC and 1900 PF during our trip a few weeks ago. They were all great, enjoy.


We’ll be doing a lot of these in December, so I can’t wait for your review! I’ve never done Sci Fi, but I hear lots of good things!


Sci fi was Kennedy’s pick. My kids love the atmosphere,I think the food really isn’t exceptional but it is a fun place to eat. I’ve never done WCC so I’m looking forward to it, I heard it can be a real fun place.


I love 'Ohana’s!!! I heard they change the menu. What a great time for the kids. Last year we watched “Wishes”, while eating dinner.



So glad you got almost every one that you wanted. They look perfect to me!


okay this is the first time doing this hope it’s right If you are going to MGM and are going to see Fantasmic you can eat at Mama Melrose’s or Hollywood and Vine and not worry about your seats at the show there is a seperate section for restaurants . The Hollywood Brown Derby is a signature restaurant which is two table services . Other two are just one table service. Worth it to us so we did’nt have to stand in line for a hour we showed up 10 minutes before show and was seated.


I’d go with the 1900 for dinner. Great food and atmosphere.


They did change the menu, and it is AWESOME!!! Last year, we also got to watch Wishes from our table and it was just MAGICAL. :mickey:


Great choices!
Teppanyaki is a perfect choice since you couldn’t get LeCellier. (we enjoyed it much more than LeCellier last trip)