I made my Disneyland PS's


OK, so thanks to the help of Joy (Twist1980) I have managed to make my PS arrangements…FINALLY!

So we arrive Tuesday, June 27th and that night we will be dining at Ariel’s Grotto with the princesses, Joy and I have the same PS time for this night & restautant :happy:

Wednesday, the 28th: Carnation Cafe in the Disneyland Park and HOPEFULLY (keeping fingers crossed) we will get the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet for this night. :wub:

Thursday, the 29th: Goofy’s Kitchen, I am not 100% about this one. If I change it, it will be for Storyteller’s Cafe.

Friday, the 30th: This WOULD HAVE been our Blue Bayou day for lunch, but I am still in mourning that it won’t be open. I just can’t bring myself to choose something else yet. :sad:

So, I am nearly on my way! All I have to arrange is trying to get the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet with balcony seating, you can’t call for this until 30 days out!


Congrats on your ADRS! Doesn’t it make that trip seem so much closer?


Congrats on making your ADRs! You are going to have a great trip.


Yay! I’m glad you’ll be at Ariel’s the same night! It’s coming so fast, we’ll be there before we know it! I made my ADR’s yesterday and here is what I did!

Monday, June 26th- Carnation Cafe for dinner
Tueday, June 27th- Ariel’s Grotto for dinner
Wednesday, June 28th- Lilo & Stitch Breakfast
Wine Country Trattoria for dinner
Thursday, June 29th- Yamabuki

I also couldn’t bring myself to make arrangements for Friday, I’m just crossing my fingers that the Blue Bayou will be open and I’ll be able to get a table. Otherwise I may make a ADR for Storytellers.


Aww!!! I need to go read about these restuarants on Allears - I’ve never heard of them!


Very exciting, girls!! You’re getting close to trip time!! Isn’t it such a rush of excitement when you finally make those ADRs?

I need to go read about these restuarants on Allears - I’ve never really thought about DL restaurants!

Yay, Wishy and Joy!


oh you guys have fun!! i’d come and meet you at dinner but i don’t know what i’ll be doing!!! Have a balst