I made our ADR's this morning!


we got everyone that we wanted at almost the exact time we wanted!! (give or take 5-20 minutes)

had to give CC to hold Fantasmic pkg. & Princess Storybook diner, but i knew that, so i had it ready! :C)

i feel like now that we’ve made our adr’s that we are really getting closer!!

i woke up at 10 minutes until 6am our time…the line opened at 6am our time.

i was on hold for only a couple of minutes.

DH was surprised that i wanted to get up so early and make the call, but i knew i might regret not doing so.

it was great to start of his Father’s Day with a fresh cup of coffee in bed and print out if all our adr’s with conf. numbers!!:laugh:

~ so let the countdown begin!:laugh:


Congratulations. It’s always nice to get the choices you wanted. Happy Eating!!


Congrats!!! It’s exciting, isn’t it? So…what are your ADRs???


okay here are our adr’s:

Dec. 12 ~ Boatwrights 5:45
Dec. 13 ~ LTT 5:10
Dec. 14 ~ CP 4:05
Dec. 15 ~ Donald’s Safari Breakfast 10:05
Dec. 16 ~ MM Fant. Pkg. 4:50
Dec. 17 ~ Princess Stry. Diner 6:40
Dec. 18 ~ Tony’s 4:30

lots of character meals and all diners… :C)


Congrats on your ADR’s- great choices too!


Good choices . . . yummy!! Enjoy! :wub:


Congrats!! Glad you got what you wanted.


Congrats to you Char! Making the ADRs is always so exciting.


Conragtulations, I’m so glad you were able to get everything you wanted! :happy:


Congrats!! I am glad to see how happy you are with your ADR’s. It is great when things work out that way, isn’t it!


Congrats on getting what you wanted and your plans look good.