I made the call!


I have been wanting to join DVC for years and I finally made the call and started the process!! My DH keeps saying I need to just do it but I am such a chicken when it somes to spending a lot of money at once.

My DH and I both want to own at Beach Club Villas so we decided to go on the BCV wait list for 200 points with certain use years. We actually said we would take 170-200 points to hopefully speed things up some. We aren’t in a hurry as we have 2 trips already booked and really won’t need the until summer of 2009. It would be great to get something quick and and bank some points but we’re fine if it takes a long time.

Our guide has been super nice and great to work with. She didn’t push me one bit and I like that. She gave me the facts and answered all my questions but didn’t try to sell me on anything. Once I told her I wasn’t interested in AKV or SSR she moved on and started working toward getting us Beach Club Villas.

Thanks for letting me share my happy news!!


Wow! Congrats to you and your family!! I hope they get you something quick!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am SO happy for you!!! I hope things get rollin’ fast. So did you do this through actual DVC reps or the re-sale people?



That is great, Steph! I am very happy for you!


We are going directly through Disney. I would do a resale company but most of the contracts are stripped of points until 2009 anyway so there really isn’t much difference. With the closing costs of a resale the price isn’t much different than going directly through Disney. Since we are buying a sold out resort we don’t get the extras we could have gotten at SSR or AKV (160 developer points and a discount).


Congratulations, I’m happy for you. I saw your other post when you were contemplating and I wondered if you were going to take the plunge. Good for you! Lynn


I’m trying, it’s scary but I really want to do it. All I’ve done is put my name on the wait list for a contract. I can still change my mind at this point but I don’t want to. Keep your fingers crossed.


Congratulations! I’ve been trying to convince my parents to join lately so I may be asking you some questions as Beach Club is their #1 as well! Again, congrats and I hope things go quickly!


Congrats DT. I still haven’t talked DW into it yet, but I’m working on it.Maybe soon I’ll be making that call.


Congratulations. Fantastic news. I am glad you finally got started on this.


Congrats to you steph!


Congratulations and Good LUck!!:mickey:


Yay!!! Congrats!


That is great news…hope it all works out for you!


Oh congratulations DT!! :slight_smile:

By the way, what are developers points?


Welcome Home


Great decision. I was a little tentative when we joined in 2001. I’m now at the break even point for the cost of the points (150) and it now costs me $600/yr for 5 nights in a 2 bedroom suite that normally goes for $2500-$3000. I have another 33yrs to enjoy this or share with friends/family.


I tried talking Ed into it again and he said that he wants to start planning trips to Grand Canyon and Europe and Wine Country instead of just going to Disney… I was crushed! And I was hoping to do a “buy just 50 points” type thing so we would have the 100 we need every other year…Im so bummed

but happy for you!


Congrats to you! That is awesome!


Congrats to you. I hope you and your family will enjoy for many many trips.