I may be planing a trip to disney what is a good deal


does anyone know if they still offer the park hopper pass at disney i may be planing a trip their soon and i am wanting to see all the parks this time because i have never been to animal kingdom and the other parks i have not been in a long time.

so i was wondering what kind of specials they are doing and what is the best deal. How much are prices also thanks?


there about 6 million different combonations of passes you can get these days…i’d go to www.allearsnet.com for the breakdown of the passes and then go to www.disneyworld.com for pricing.


Yes they still offer a park hopper, but it is about $100 a day. Are you going to be staying over? Crowds are the lowest in EARLY December, if you are going during that time.


Well if you can go sooner than later they are offering FREE DINING when you book a Magic Your Way package!!! I honestly do not know the details 100% but I am sure there are booking deadlines and last year you had to travel by the end of september, I took advantage of it last August, so I would visit the website to check it out.

But free dining is AWESOME!! That could save you nearly $550. for two adults based on a weeks stay!!! We were even able to upgrade our room at AKL b/c of the money we saved!


I agree with Wish, if you can plan your trip to take advantage of free dining, do it!


But you must book the free dining by Sunday, June 4th!!!