I may have to postpone our trip!


:crying: DD25 is having work issues and most likely will not be able to get the time off. Part of me wants to keep the reservations for just myself and DD12 since her birthday is in the middle of it and we haven’t had much time with just the two of us in quite some time! A couple of years ago just the two of us went and it was the best trip ever. But we missed DGD terribly. DD wanted to go home early because she missed her! Every time she saw a little blond girl she would miss her neice!

Well, DGD is almost 4 now and has got to be the biggest Disney Fan of the preschool crowd! Every day, at least 10 times a day, she will talk about Disney or want to play the MK game. She pretends she is at Disney and will act out waiting on line, getting measured, and going on the rides. She dines at Disney restaurants and eats imaginary Mickey bars!

I would love a trip with just DD12, But how could I possibly leave DGD behind?

If I postpone the trip…when would be an ideal time? I was thinking of thanksgiving or christmas but I’m afraid that the airfare will be too high!


This is a tough one. If you decide to postpone, could you try early Dec? Airfares are usually not too high then, and the crowds are really good then too. Sorry that your DD is having issues at work.


hard call… hold a family meeting


Can DGD go with just you and DD12?


We thought of this, but then DD12 and I would never be able to ride a ride together!


Late November/Early Dec would be a nice time I think. DGD turns 4 Nov 27th so I have been thinking of that. Its always been really hot when I’ve gone, it would be nice not to sweat to death for once!


Ugh kizzmit, I don’t envy you. We just had to postpone our trip (DD4 was going to turn 5 while we were there), but I rebooked for the week after.

Now I am thinking if I can go any week, the week after Thanksgiving seems attractive. Cooler weather, light crowds and MVMCP. Unless your DD works retail, maybe work wouldn’t be an issue at that time.

I hope you can figure something out quickly. It is no fun to have your WDW trip hanging in the balance :mickey:


If that’s doable - I’d switch it. It will be nice and cool, low crowds - and all the Christmas decorations will be up and you can play up DGD’s birthday - BIG TIME! Since she loves WDW so much, what could be better than a WDW birthday?

Whatever you decide, I hope everything works out for you.


We went that time last year. It really was a wonderful time of year to visit. The Christmas decorations make it even more magical.


Oh this is tough. I’m so sorry you may have to postpone! If you can try late November or early December, I have ALWAYS wanted to go then…you can still get great rates and I hear that the Christmas decorations make everything ten times more magical! :wub:

Good luck, I hope everything works out great for you guys! :mickey:


You should take DGD with you two. Would that work out???


If DGD comes along without her mother the trip will become mostly for her simply because she is too small for most attractions. DD and I would have to do the rider switch thing and not have any time for ourselves. I’m leaning toward rescheduling so everyone will be happy. Right now its a toss up between last week of november/1st week of december or maybe even January.