I must be getting old


I am having such difficulty with this new system now. I really don’t think I will be able to keep up with it here anymore. I know it’s just me----but—I can read and I can post, however I can never come back to the areas that I read the last time. I have requested over and over again that I have notification when I receive replies, but I get notification sometimes, sometimes not. I am sooooooo confused—and ready to give up!!

I would like to be able to sign in, and go to see if I have any posts or replies to a certain area that I am interested in. How can i quickly do that? The only way I have able to try to find “myself” is thru the search—doing a search of myself. Isn’t there some quicker way? Arrrrrgggggg.

smallworld :blink:

PS I just indicated once again “instant email notification”. Let’s see if I can get it to work on this one.


Have you tried searching the forums? Does that help? Or just plain searching certain key words or phrases? I don’t know if that will help or not, just hate to see you frustrated!


Yeah I can find the forums I have posted to that way, but it just puts me at the top and I have to scroll through everything until I get to replies to me or replies after me. It’s just that before I could go right to my own post and then those afterwards. Thanks so much for your suggestion. Hanging in there, I am —smallworld.


Of course, the other alternative is to check in several times a day, and then you won’t miss a thing! Good luck!


I just hit the new posts key to see if there are new posts- that way im not resurecting old threads-


I can use the ‘new posts’ button at the top of the page and have the threads with new replies since my last visit be listed, but the little ^-like symbol to take me to the new posts in the thread since that last visit doesn’t work for me (not even in threads I have posted in). I have to guess what page I had been on and scroll through, lol. It’s sort of a pain, because I like the instant gratification of just being able to see what I want to with one click. I started a thread, but have never pm’d mickey about the issue as I haven’t been that annoyed about it and I thought I was the only one with the problem.


Have you used your refresh button?


Stick with us! The “User CP” feature helps me keep up with posts that I have recently commented on.


Similar to this question. When I reply to a thread, if someone replies immediately after, it does not appear while I’m still in it. I have to hit home, open the thread again and read theirs. It seems like the pros on this sight have normal conversations between each other within minutes, as if the minute they reply, it posts on their open thread. Am I missing something? Can that be done, but I’m just not utilizing the system correctly?


When I want to find posts that I am interested in and that have posted to, I find them under ‘User CP’ .
And when I am looking for new posts and threads of any kind, I click the “new posts” button under my avatar on the front page.

For me nothing has changed. The only thing I don’t like is the default font. It drives me up a wall.


Why don’t you click the refresh button? That’s all it takes. You don’t have to get out of the thread that way :blush:


Is anyone talking about the “view first unread” option? That does not work for me half the time any more. I always bring up new posts but once I get into the post I can’t get back to where I left off without paging forward.