I must be living in a cave






Please tell me it is a vicious rumor :crying:



I brought this up a while ago. Remember, until actual ground is broken here at WDW, EVERYTHING IS JUST A RUMOR. It may happen, but prolly not for a while longer.


COP would be missed!


Sadly I think it’s bound to happen…things can only stay rumors for so long. :crying: And there’s been enough talk about COP over the years…

But I for one will still be keeping my fingers crossed that it stays!


Glad everything is a rumor RR! Especially if it would be an Incredibles attraction instead…


I think they will deal with the Wonders of Life pavilion in Epcot first before taking on CoP. Disney seems to only do one major ride reconstruction at a time.


I think they really need to do something with that Wonder of Life Pavillion, last time I was there they opened it up because the park was so busy but half the stuff inside wasnt open, it seems a bit like a waste to me. I was never much of a fan of the COP, though dummies etc freak me out lol could be why, was a nice air-con filled break though


I know that COP is old but I still love it. It just reminds me of my younger years at MK. They should do a Renovation on it though.


I have different memories of CoP.
My memories are of the 1964-65 NY World’s Fair and seeing it there. And if you think the line you wait in at WDW for CoP is long, you should have seen the queue in the GE pavilion in 1965!
I think I’ve only done CoP twice at WDW and not at all at Disneyland. Well, I’ve been on the Disneyland one once, but it was still in New York.


THAT would be a very good idea. It’s really sad to see that pavilion just sitting there closed. Any ideas what they’d put in there?


I would not become alarmed about CoP – Suzanne and I did the Behind the Scenes tour in 2003 and we were given the “inside-scoop” that it was closing…five years later it is still there, and we’ll go on it at least one more time in a few weeks. There is something special about that ride.


Ohhhhh. I feel better. I read that someone wanted to see this one last time before it closes this year but when I researched I could not find anything about it.

I can keep my hopes up to see it in September!

Thanks everyone!



What Is Cop

Go Blue!


WDW has to find a sponsor for Wonder of Life before they can do something
new to that. At EPCOT that is how the attractions work. Companies sponsors
the attractions.


Carousel of Progress. It’s in Tomorrowland and not always open.


well airblue get the full low down at Carousel of Progress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“The times they are a changing”
Some things should stay the same forever. people call it progress, some call it evaluation, it is always sad to see things disappear from Disney but there is so much joy from the new stuff. its so hard to please everyone.:wub:


I have heard this rumor several times before, and it may be true, but who knows? I’ve always liked it,and, as it was conceived and developed by Walt himself, I would like to see it remain. As for Wonders of Life, WDW is unlikely to do anything until they have a new sponsor for a new attraction.


That’s the one thing I hate about going in the off-season…COP not being open. I feel like time’s a-wastin and I should enjoy it as much as possible before it’s gone forever! :sad:


Here is the Petition to save CoP.:smile: It has been a while since the site has been updated though.:smile:

Sign the Petition


I am definitely signing that petition.