I must be missing somegthing about DVC


Okay, so my hubby and I decided to look into what the DVC actually was. We aren’t in the position to become involved yet regardless of what we eventually decide.
Here’s what I don’t get. You pay an annual due for every point you have. And the dues cannot go up more that 15% each year, but the dues are compounded interest involved. Now I know they have never gone up 15% so far, but they could and with my luck the moment we sign up they will. So here’s what I figured out

If the dues compounded themselves annually at 15% (I understand this is highly unlikely) and you have 160 points and start at an annual due of $4 per point.

Year 1 dues $4 perpoint - for 160 points=$640 (or $53.34 a month) not bad

Year 45 dues $1873.88 perpoint - for 160 points=$299.820.80 (or $24,985.07 a month.

That scares me. What have your personal experiences been with the DVC and dues increases?


If they get to the point where you feel the dues are too high… sell. Although, I don’t know about the dues being based on some compounded itnerest thing. All I know is a friend who’s been a member whos been a member for a very long time and said her dues have never been raised to the point where she noticed a significant increase, and that’s been around 9 years I believe.


Thanks Wish…I didn’t realize you could sell…It’s good to get information from people who are already involved.


We’ve been members since 2000 and have only experienced one increase in dues - and that was because our first points were purchased at Vero Beach. Because of beach erosian and the hurricanes doing damage our dues increased a very small amount - I honestly can’t remember how much - but it wasn’t enough to get me too upset.:laugh:


Our annual fees have only gone up about $2 per month (total) since we joined in 2003. Our home is SSR. All I can say is, if you’re really interested in doing it, do it as soon as you can as purchase points continue to increase driving your purchase price up. I wish we would have done it sooner, the price difference was pretty significant…but in the long run, SSR was the 1st resort to offer 50 yrs of vacations and we were able to take advantage of that. Hope it all works out for you soon!!


The annual dues pay for maintenance, property taxes, housekeeping and stuff like that. I think in about 10 years, my dues at OKW have increased about 15%.

The annual fees are separate from the purchase of your original points. You may be confusing the two, since there is no interest involved in the fees, though if you finance the points purchase, there may be.


I think the 50 year factor is underrated. Even when I think of buying more points, the 50 year factor vs. 36 left at other DVC makes me think only about SSR!!!


I totally agree. We’ve thought about adding another 50 points, but we’ll only consider SSR.


Don’t forget that Disney can’t just raise the dues for no reason. They need to justify all expenditures. We have been owners since 2002 and have only had minimal increases in our dues. I saw you post that you didn’t know that you could sell your contract. You should also know that DVC is the only timeshare I know of that in four years I can sell it for more than I paid.:happy:


Thanks for all the information…I amso happy to hear that dues don’t raise as fast as I thought.


Welcome to MB!!!


I’m in real estate and have bought other timeshares on ebay for as low as $1. I bough a ski week for $12 that someone paid almost $8,000 for new. Even other Orlando area timeshares (which are desirable destinations) can be had for well below original prices.

In 30 years I’ve been in real estate the ONE thing that hasn’t changed is there are 3 things that matter…location, location, & location. DVC has the location and as such it’s the only time share that I know of where resales can be sold for profit.