I need 6 more days on my AP, any suggestions?


Last year when our group was planning our travel plans for the next 18 months or so we knew we wouldn’t be joining them for the Spring Break 2009 trip due to our kids’ HS Music Dept trip to New York, so we opted to get the most out of our AP and go Spring Break 2008 by ourselves…our group did a summer trip and will do December together, so that is why we opted for AP’s. Just a few weeks ago, the school announced that it was too expensive to take the kids to NYC ($2000 per kid) so guess what, we’re going to Orlando for Spring Break. TOTALLY messes us up with our AP’s since we activated all 4 on March 15 2008 and we will arrive in Orlando on March 15, 2009. :ohmy: The kids will have 3 day tickets built into their itinerary, but we won’t. We opted not to chap on this trip since we can do it so much cheaper than what they want to charge us for 4 days in Orlando (almost $1000 each) plus we’ll pull the kids on Wednesday when the school returns home and stay & play with our group until Saturday…if we chap, we have to return back home with the HS. I know I can add on to the kids’ tickets for a reasonable price, but what should we do?? Guess we can’t extend our AP’s by a week, huh? :crying: Any suggestions other than just buying park tickets outright?? This trip is becoming more and more expensive for us…:crying: