I need a favor please


I need a park map from each park that is in fairly good condition. If anyone has one and is willing to part with it, or is going to WDW soon and wouldn’t mind getting me one, please let me know. I will be happy to pay for the cost of shipping. Thanks.


I have a friend who might be able to help you, her name is goofballorama (on mouse buzz of course) she has tons and tons of maps, you might try sending her a message


I do know her…thanks!


I’m I have some, I’ll look through my stuff and see what I have. I just went through all my WDW from our summer trip and I KNOW I saved at least one map from each park.

I know I don’t have Typhoon Lagoon and may not have BB.


Thanks DT. Let me know. I am looking for all of them including the water parks and DTD, but will take any that you have. Please let me know what the shipping on them is going to be and I will gladly send it to you.


Ok, I think I have what you need. I have maps of MK, MGM, Epcot, AK, DtD, and both water parks (on one map). I also have the WDW transportation Guide with a map of the whole property–would you like that too?


Steph, you da man! Our maps, especially of the water parks, never survive the trips! :laugh:


I always take one of each from our resort and leave them in my clipboard to take home. :ph34r:


Dana if you could wait I could get you ones this week ( I always get extra to scrapbook anyways … ) …


If you can’t find any within the next couple weeks I will get them in November :smile:


Wait a minute, do you need the whole guide to each park, or just the map? Because you can get the maps online… Walt Disney World Park Maps - Magical Travel


They’re ready to go for ya Dana.


YES! Oh thank you SO much steph. That’s exactly what I am looking for. Please tell me what I owe you on the shipping. Thanks for sending them out. You have made a great day even better.:heart:


I want the actual maps for something. Thanks for the links…If the maps don’t work for what I have in mind, I’ll try them.


You owe me nothing, it’s my pleasure.


no problem!


Wish and cheryl - please send them anyway. I need multiples of each if possible. If you can get me a few each, it would be greatly appreciated. I will send any costs to you of course.

DT - thanks! You are a doll…:heart:


dont worry about the cost I will make sure to get a few of each some for you and some for me …


Thank you very much Cheryl. I really appreciate it.:heart:


Ahem, I am going in a few days. I don’t know if you all know that :laugh: I can bring some fresh off the presses :laugh:

But I do see that tiggerlover has offered…