I need a good breakfast!


Just three adult women headed to DW. We are planning on enjoying the Food and Wine festival in the afternoon and evening and would like a nice breakfast we have never tried before. So, here is a list of what we have done in the past:
-Chef Mickey’s
-Crystal Palace
-1900 Park Fare

We have thought about 'Ohana or Kona. So, what do you guys think?


Tonga Toast at Kona is great!!


ohanas … yummy juice and bread …fun characters… great atmosphere dh and i are doing it in september …


We like Kona and Ohana, but I would pick Kona over Ohana. :slight_smile:


You can get the tonga toast at the fast food place at the POLY… I was so disappointed to learn that. That being said, I liked both places. Ohana takes longer, and it has characters… if that factors into your decision. I would recommend both for the food though, both were good…


ohana’s has a really good breakfast. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews on kona, so much that I’m trying it on my next trip.


Another vote for Kona Cafe! And I don’t even order the Tonga Toast.


I did once. Once was enough.:redface: But there are so many other wonderful choices.


Kona is great!


I will admit it, Kona is my second favorite place to eat breakfast I can name, anywhere (Em Le’s in Carmel, CA is my number one favorite). Yes, we love Cali Grill, yes, we love other places in multiple cities, but I truly feel at home and happy at Kona. Tonga Toast, Lilikoi Juice, Kona Coffee. You name it. I love this place. I even want to put a fan like the multi bladed unit in my basement one day.


Kona Cafe is my favorite b’fast place at Disney. The Pineapple Macademia Nut pancakes are so yummy! and the home fries, omg so good. Throw in a pot of fresh press and your set.
That being said if you’re planning a day at Epcot have you thought about Cape May then walking over through the gateway after. Wasn’t Flying Fish serving b’fast at one time? Are they still doing that?


Crystal Palace is my favorite in your group of picks.


Fresh Mediterranean Market @ the Dolphin.
Buffet and they cook to order also.

Fresh Mediterranean Market - The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort Restaurants - Disney restaurants, Orlando Restaurants

If you want to get adventuresome and leave WDW, try the Market St Cafe in Downtown Celebration. No buffet, all made to order. Menu at link below.
Other link is about all the restaurants in downtown Celebration.

Market Street Cafe, Downtown Celebration Florida

Dining & Entertainment | Celebration Town Center, Florida

Celebration is “about” a 15 minute drive from Epcot Resorts such as Beach Club etc.
btw if you go on a Sunday morning, there is a Farmers’s Market (almost every Sunday) in downtown Celebration that starts at 9am on Market Street adjacent to the Market St Cafe. Many restaurants have a Sunday Brunch. My favorite for brunch is Imperium which opens at 10am. I love to eat outside.
Downtown stores open at 11am usually on Sunday.


I’ve eaten at these venues many times and have never been disappointed.
I believe Fresh opens at 630am and Market St Cafe @ 8am.
Imperium opens @ 10am for Sunday brunch.
I’d recheck on times if you are interested when you are here.
Take a look at the links for more information.

btw, enjoy Food & Wine.



I vote O’hana too! The food has been great in all of our visits and it is such a beautiful resort to walk through in the morning. We LOVE the juice… Stitch is very naughty though! Watch your back :slight_smile:


1900 Park fare for Eggs Benedict & carved ham!


CP at 8am then you can go right into the park is really nice


I would agree with the Tonga Toast, Cape May Cafe is nice too!


I am certain that was only during the time when Spoodle’s was closed and Kouzzina was months from opening and the Boardwalk needed to maintain a sit down breakfast option and not force their guests to have to trek over to Yacht/Beach for Cape May or Captain’s Galley and certainly to not force guests to dine at Swolphin and pay out of pocket instead of using their Disney dining plans.


Kona Cafe is the place for breakfast with CP coming a very close second.


…or Kouzina at The Boardwalk has a great waffle with mascarpone and pecans…delicious!!