I need a vacation now!


Okay I need to go now.

I’m not doing too well in school so my parents won’t book my flight until mid-April when report cards come out. :angry: :angry: :angry: !!!

And I keep dreaming about Epcot… :wub: French pastry shops :wub: … boats… Italian cafe’s with cherry gelati…[I know there isn’t one in Epcot]and Norway trolls… living statues… it’s crazy!!

Any ideas on how to pass the 100+ days?


Well you’re here…that’s a start:smile: And do your best in School…sorry I’m a parent and had to say that. :wink:


I got all my averages today… and my lowest was an 83… so I should do fine.


YAY!!! Disney World, here you come!!! :cool:


Good girl on your grades!!! I’m so glad I wasn’t a Disney addict in school–I never would have been able to concentrate!

I have to tell you, that’s one AWESOME thing about living on your own with a job that pays the bills–you get to make all the decisions about VACATION!!! (My six-year-old self would say that the best thing is that you can buy as many Cabbage Patch Kids as you want, but I’m pretty well past that now…I think…)


LOL@Bali re: cabbage patch kids!


Jess, I hope you get to go SOON! :c)


I’d say keep up the great work on getting good grades. What better incentive than a trip to WDW?

Good luck… :mickey:


I totally understand. I was always a near honor roll student in school but once my junior year in HS hit I got early “senioritis” and started slackin’. I NEVER thought my parents would cancel or not let me go to Disney b/c of grades but they threatened me for spring break that year and I FREAKED! It was all I could think about. Anyway, the good news was I ended up going and my grades ended up fine.

Work hard to keep those averages up, going to WDW will be SOOOO worth it! Keep us updated.


I hve a perfect idea. Study…if that depends on you gettng your airfare, you better study your little heart out. That would be motivation for me. Come to think of it. Had my parents hung a WDW trip over my head every year in high school, I would have been an A student instead of squeaking by like I did.


Really, when I study, I just forget everything and I fail.
When I don’t, I can remember my notes front and back and I usually get like a 94 for stupid mistakes.

[i love my photographic memory] :wub: