I need advise on airlines


Hello all! Sorry for more questions but I need to know the good and bad about airlines OTHER than SWA. I have always used SWA and never had a problem. I was thinking of using airtran but I heard they change the flights and all. I need to know about anything bad about airtran and spirit. Thanks!


I hear that Oceanic is a great airline.


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We prefere Jet Blue if that’s available for you and they have TV’s in the seats which is a nice plus


Why not stick with SWA? Is there a problem with the flight times?


Im just looking for other options but I think I may. The dates hasnt came out yet… April 14 I think.


We have used airtran in the past.I like that they fly direct from PHL-MCO,you get an assigned seat and they are cheap,We are using SW for our trip in April PHl-MCO round trip 635 for 3 (DH had a free rt with his Rapid Rewards).but we booked with Airtan for Oct nonstop round trip PHL-MCO it was 700 for the for of us.I also heard Air tran may start fling out of atlantic city.


Never used SWA to go to Florida, but next trip we will. We were treated to someone else paying for everything the last few years. But, now that we are part of DVC at BLT, we’ll be going down more often and by ourselves rather than with a group. SWA will help with the total cost.


Airtran for my daughter and I was $275 RT. I was thinking of booking it but I’m afraid they have freq flight changes and delays.


Just stay off Flight 815.


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We used AirTran last year and had no trouble at all. They were on time and the only thing they changed were our seats. The 717 (2x3 seats) filled up so they changed to a 737 (3x3). If all goes well, we’ll be flying them this year.


I just remembered I had the buy 1 get 1 free voucher from the Tmobile promo. I went on the site and it was $238.88 plus $12.50 per ticket RT for the 2 of us. So for under $270 RT we both can fly to FL. They also price match so over the weekend I need to print out the flights and fax over and the price match would be around $200 RT for both of us. I think it was flying out on USAir and come home airtran


Oh… how is US air? Do they charge to select seats?


Expect changes in your flight times. I wouldn’t fly US Air if you paid me.


NUTS! Someone else told me the same thing! Back to square one. I may be able to get a nice price with SWA but I have the buy1 get1 code from tmobile. They offered some other airline. I think it may have been American airline. Not too sure. Perhaps I should just stick to what I know.


Amen sista! Fly SWA and be done with it.


I’m a big fan of JetBlue. I would also recommend either Delta or just stick with SW their a good airline.