I need Dining advice


We get to Disney on a Sunday, and that night is EMH for MK. We have ADRs at Sci-Fi Dine in for that night. We thought this would be a place the kids would get a kick out of. Should we keep this ADR, eat, ride Toy Story then head to MK, or change the ADR to MK. If we change which restaurant would you recommend.( We already have ADR’s for Crystal palace on another day.) Thanks…


You could do Liberty Tavern. That is always good.


Yep that is a good one . . . Tony’s is good too or Ohana’s in the Poly or 1900 Park Fair with Cinderella, Prince Charming and her evil step sisters and then you can hop the monorail to WDW!

Here is the link to dining in MK:

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Liberty Tree or Ohana!


Wow, that might be a bit of running for your first night. Sci Fi is great though. It’s a must do at least once. We just got back and I can tell you that Toy Story Mania is at least a 60 + minute wait in the evening. Even with fast passes, it can be at least a 15-20 minute wait at that time. The longest wait time we saw for TSM was 100 minutes, and that was in the evening around 8pm.

As far as a MK goes… I would suggest for TS…Tony’s, or LTT, or maybe just doing a CS… like Casey’s, or El Pirata Y El Perico.


I agree with Daisee - that’s a lot of running around the first day - you’re bound to be tired. I’d go to Ohana at the Polynesian - it’s lots of fun for kids, with hula-hoop contests, etc, and then ride the monorail over to the MK. I’d save Sci-Fi for another day. Tony’s at the MK gets mixed reviews, but we really liked it. So that would be my MK suggestion.


I wouldn’t try to have dinner in one park and then hop to another park, that’s a lot of running around and wasted time. The new Toy Story ride is super popular so plan on a long wait. It was also down several times last week and that doesn’t help he lines either.

What about Chef Mickey’s for your first night?