I need DVC info


I know this type of stuff is asked all the time, but I need pros/cons of DVC. (I also have a million questions but it’ll take me a while to remember them all.)

I had no idea just how much this WDW trip was going to hook DH, and now he is seriously…very very seriously…looking into resale DVC memberships. (Insert my shocked face here: :eek:)

For anyone who has purchased resale, how does the closing process work?

I’ve seen DVC members talking about paying “monthly” - are you talking about financing the initial cost of the membership, or are the dues converted into monthly payments? I’m just not clear on that one.

How does it work when you want to purchase additional points in the future?

Ack, my head is spinning. But this is the first time we’ve been financially able to even consider something like this. I promised DH I’d collect as much info as I could so we can discuss it when he gets home from work. :laugh:


I thought of another random question…

…generally how much of a discount do DVC members get on WDW resort rooms?

Any info that people can post here or PM me is greatly appreciated! :happy: Thanks all!


I wish I could help, but the only info I have is what I gots during our three hour session at Disneyland.

Bottom line, you’re buying a piece of property.

You should:

A. Discover if you have the finances to afford it.
B. Recognize that property will most likely appreciate in value
c. Associated costs will also be incurred - maintenance
d. Remember that this is a timeshare.

There are worse timeshares to buy into…


Yay!!! Dizzy!!!


You can buy from Disney or from another company. DVC has some great deals going on right now if you buy through them. The down side is you have to buy 160 points but they are offering a one time deal of developer points along with that. The points are good for one year and can’t be banked. By the time you pay closing costs through resale you might come out about even with what you would pay through Disney.

Once you find the contract you want you have to bid on it. Then Disney looks at it and will decided if they want to buy the contract back at that price or let the deal go through. If the deal goes through it will take a few weeks to get all the paper work done and the contract is yours. In total it will take about 2 months. If you go through Disney it’s a week. There are closing costs to add if you go resale. We bought through Disney and didn’t have closing costs because we bought at a sold out resort.

If you buy through Disney they will give you up to 10 years to pay off your whole purchase. I think you have to put down at least 10%. There are also dues that you can pay monthly or once a year.


If there are rooms available you get a 25% on DVC rooms. However, just because there are rooms open to book on points doesn’t mean there are rooms to book on cash, members have to trade out of DVC to open rooms up to book on cash.


Thanks DT, that is a lot of really helpful information! I will pass it along to DH.

Does anyone know a ballpark figure of what closing costs are like when you purchase resale?


It depends on how many points you are looking at buying.


Thanks, I finally started delving into some DVC websites and I found some info on the resale closing costs.

This is definitely an exciting yet scary endeavor isn’t it? :laugh:


Tell me about it!!


Kim, hey, I am PMing you my phone number. I am home now, please call me & we’ll talk. :smile: There is SO much to understand, it’s really simple but can be confusing for those who never really looked into it.



Ditto call that girl she is a DVC expert!


yup - she would be who I called…:wub:


This website is a great for calculating how many points you need for a stay. You can also see points for sale and their asking price.

DVC Point Calculator, Disney Vacation Club, DVC Information, DVC Points


YAY, DizzyGirl!!! I think you should GO FOR IT!!! If you don’t want to buy 160 points now, go resale and buy a small 75 point contract somewhere you WANT to stay. KingOMiami purchased resale! PM him. He will be HAPPY to give you info! :happy: