I need help! I am not creative! haha


Okay, so our inlaws are taking us on a Family Vacation in January to Disney. So, I have decided as a surprise to them, to have the personalized menu made up for when we eat at “Coral Reef”. So, anyway, I have to email what I want put on the menu.
I got 4 pictures of us all together that are going on the menu, and then I am going to put: “Tarzia Family Vacation 2008”, but I don’t know what to put under it… I was trying to think of something Disneyish to say, like something with … magic of family…or something. But, I can’t think of anything, can you help me with some ideas…PLEASE!!! THanks!!! :wub:


Is ita Grand Gathering?
Do your In laws have a favorite Disney movie or show etc …


These Magic Moments

Dreams fulfilled

Making Magical Memories together

With a little help from Disney… our Dreams come true!


It is just the 6 of us:
My husband’s father and stepmother
My husband’s stepsister
Myself, my husband, and our daughter

They like to do little family vacations like this about once a year.
Well, my step-mother-in-law loves Beauty and the Beast, but my father-in-law doesn’t really have a favorite at all.


Daisee…you are wonderful!!!

I LOVE the “Making Magical Memories together”
and “With a little help from Disney… our Dreams come true”

THose are perfect!!! THank you so much!!!
Now I just have to decide which one!


I was leaning towards “A Beautiful, Beastly gathering”

but I’m liking Daisee’s ideas.


Hahahahaha!!! You must know our family!! haha That was a good one!! :laugh:


i like making magical memories together!!

how awesome - wish my family would surprise us with a trip. i can’t even get them to go with us, though!


I like the last one the best.


I vote for Making Magical Memories Together… With A Little Help From Disney.


I think the perfect disney saying is “Where Dreams Come True”… to me there is just nothing that says it better.