I need help with chioces


I am thinking about either Le Cellier or Mama Melrose Fantasmic package for my 07 trip… I will be on the dining plan but would like to try Hoop Dee Do… What one shall I choose and please be adware that I have never been to either… Thanks… :heart:


I’ve never been to Mama Melrose, but I hear it’s very good from most people who have. So, I would pick Le Cellier, mostly because I have had at least an appetizer and dessert and am dying to try a full meal. Also, most people who’ve eaten there say it’s one WDW’s best restaurants.


Great!! Thanks fot the advise…


If I had to choose from Momma’s and Lecellier, I would go with LeCellier. I love momma’s, but Lecellier just beats the pants off it. AS for hoop-de-doo, that is two meal credits, so I don’t know if I would do it or not. It’s not that it isn’t worth the price, cause it a great show, but I think I’d rather do two other meals…


We love Le Cellier and for us is a must do every trip, so I would vote for that.:wub: Hoop dee do is a favorite of our too, we don’t do it every trip because it does take2 TS credits, but if you have never been before…its worth it. So I would do BOTH!!!:laugh: :cheshire:


The reason I am choosing to loose 2 meals… We wont be checking into POP till late on our 1st night… and when we check out we drive right home so basically I will have a xtra sit down… Im not too sure if I want to " waste" the xtra but we never been to Hoop de Doo


I love both of the restaurants and they are both great, but you get more bang for your buck at LeCellier, but then you don’t get the fantasmic package! I have never done the Hoop De Doo


I would pick Le Cellier over Mama Melrose. Hoop Dee Doo is awesome, we’ve been 3 times and it’s now a must do for us. The food is good and the show is corny fun.


I really would live to do hoop de doo even if I have to pay for another dinner… I would llike to take the family there and I know that they will love it…


Honestly, I think it’s worth it either way. If you have to pay out of pocket it’s expensive but I think it’s money well spent. I wouldn’t waste two credits on many restaurants but I would HDD, it’s just such a fun night. It’s not 5 star food–not even close–but the show has been running 20+ years for a reason.


What kind of food is it?


Fried chicken, ribs, corn, baked beans, bread and yummy butter, salad and THE best strawberry short cake EVER! It’s served in metal buckets and slammed down on your table as part of the show.


Slammed??? That sounds cool… I cant start making adr’s till march so I guess I will get right on it… Where do u rec that we sit there??


Le Cellier!!! Hands Down!!!


Le Cellier, the best overall meal I had 2 weeks ago on my free dining plan.


I agree…it’s my FAVORITE meal on WDW property!!!


BTW, I mentioned “free dining plan” because I’m obviously going to go to all the best places if it’s free. In addition to Le Cellier, I went to Spoodles, Boma, San Angel Inn, Alfredo’s, and Yachtsman Steakhouse.


AWESOME choices!!!