I Need Help With Port Orleans Questions


In true WDW fanatic fashion I’m back just one week from my most recent trip to The Mouse House and I’m already planning our next trip :pirate: !! I’m pretty sure I have decided to stay at the Port Orleans but now my next step is choosing between French Quarter and Riverside. I have a couple of questions which I think will help me make my choice. Any help is greatly appreciated!!:blush: If this helps, I will have my DD7 and DS14 along for the fun.

  1. Do these resorts share buses? If yes, is it true that French Quarter gets picked up and dropped off first?

  2. Are beignets (I just love 'em :wub: ) only offered at French Quarter?

  3. In Birnbaum’s I read that they voted Riverside as the best moderate resort. Would you agree it’s better than French Quarter?

  4. Who would you say has the better “food court”?

Thanks everyone!


The two resorts mostly share buses and FQ is the first on and off.

As much as I like the look of POR better FQ is smaller, it has only one bus stop and everyone is close so I would go with FQ.


Yes, they share buses for most of the parks. They pick up and drop off first at the French quarter. It is the same for the boats to DTD.

  1. Are beignets (I just love 'em :wub: ) only offered at French Quarter?

As far as I know yes. It’s a french quarter theme thing

  1. In Birnbaum’s I read that they voted Riverside as the best moderate resort. Would you agree it’s better than French Quarter?

No, I wouldn’t agree. It depends on what you want in a resort. POR is HUGE…multiple bus stops where as FQ is small and intimate and has only one stop. Every room is close to the main of things and you don’t have to walk a mile for a drink.

  1. Who would you say has the better “food court”?

A food court is a food court…FQ’s is excellent, but so is POR from what I have read.


Thank you both for your quick replies. This really helps!!


I highly suggest taking the virtual tours on disney’s site…get a feel for it that way. Birbaums’ guide book is seriously biased, so read some other ones and get a better feel for POFQ and POR. Everything is perfect in the official guide…they are a bit more truthful and honest in the unoffical ones.


I was just sure we wouldn’t like FQ but I booked a short 2 night stay there before our DVC reservation started. Guess what? We loved it and I am sure we’ll go back, maybe even next May. We’re trying POR for the first time in December so I’ll be able to compare the two then.


In my opinion - I liked FQ much better

  1. first stop on bus route
  2. everyone is near the food court per se
  3. the pool is fun for kids
  4. you can take the same boat to Dtd as POR
  5. the buildings are stunning with the treliswork and spanish moss
  6. Loved the sitdown rest at FQ - dont know if it has changed or not but it was one of the best meals I have had at disney.

POR was just too big and not as intimate. I just did not like it as much- although it was definately nice. Just not as nice in my opinion


No sit down at POFQ, but they have a great bar and a fantastic food court.


They used to have sitdown… what happened to it? It was a cajun themed place just inside the main door to the left- did they take that away?


We have stayed at POR in 2005, and we’re leaving for POFQ in 12 days. True, there is no full service restaurant at FQ, but there is a cajun/creole type restaurant at POR called Boatwrights. Truth be told, I thought the restaurant was really bad!

The POR is very big, and there is a lot of walking to/from the main center of things, like the pool, the food court and the merchandise store depending on where you are. The great thing is that this is one of the stay at one, play at two resorts. With that, you can stay at either of the two and have recreational rights to either. I chose FQ this time simply because I’m already very pregnant for this trip and I wanted something a little smaller and intimate to go back to at night. Like it was said above, I didn’t want to hike to get a drink in the food court. But I can definately give you a more detailed comparison of the two as soon as we get home.


We just got back from POR and we really enjoyed it. We were in building 16(AB)and had maybe a 5-7 minute walk to the food court, but it was a beautiful walk! The grounds are so lush and great! From what I understand the resort was full, but on the pathways we did not encounter too many people- we would definitely stay there again in an instant-we absolutely fell in love with it.


They’re both great resorts. I guess it depends on your tastes. My dh and kids love POR - but I prefer the FQ. It’s so charming and intimate and SMALL - and I always felt that the rooms there just seemed a little bigger and airier than the other moderates. And I think the Sea Serpent pool is far better than POR’s pool.


that is interesting- granted it was back in 1997 when we stayed there the last time and I thought for sure it was in FQ but now that I think about it we might have been at POR. How funny how fast some things like this change…


We stayed at FQ 3 years ago and loved it. Like others have said it is a personal choice of what you like. FQ is smaller which is so nice cause everything is so close to you. I dont think that you will be disappointed at all.


I have stayed at both and would pick FQ for all the reasons given in the other threads.


You could be right. There was a restaurant at POFQ back when POR was Dixie Landings. When they merged the two resorts, they closed the sit-down at POFQ. The space where the restaurant was is still there, but it’s closed off. I’m not sure if they use the space for anything.


I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I have some questions as well. I originally booked POR for our first “on-site” stay, but then decided against it after I read it has “thin walls”. My DH is a bad snorer. I worry about bothering other guests with his snoring, so I picked the Contemporary instead, because by nature it’s noisier/busier. I swear, that was my only reason. tee hee

Obviously, the price different is huge … we had to cancel our November plans because we just couldn’t pay it off by October 4th. Now I’ve been reading so many great things about POR, that I’m wondering if I’m making a financial mistake by reserving the more expensive spot just because I want to be able to rest better, knowing we’re not bothering anyone with DH’s snoring. sigh. WWYD?? POR is much better suited for our budget. I’m not sure about taking buses everywhere too, is that part frustrating at all? Do they run frequently enough that there isn’t too long of a wait if you just missed one?


POFQ is definately a smaller resort and certainly a favorite with many on this board. We personally prefer POR though. It really is a personal thing.
POR does have more bus stops which can be frustrating but we have never found this to be an issue with us. FQ does have one bus stop. However at some of the parks ie MK there is a seperate stop/queue for both Riverside and FQ so this arguement does not even arise. Also, the Resort boat launch is always at POR first then we stop at the FQ to pick up guests from there to take to DTD. On the return, if you are at FQ it will reverse and you will be dropped off 1st. BTW it’s a lovely trip on the boat down the sassagoula!
Because of it’s sheer size POR’s foodcourt is much bigger but we have never found a problem with seating or waiting in line for long ( except for at the pizza section…man they are scrummy! and as everyone wants them, there is usaully a 10 min wait or so ).

There are lots of quiet pools at POR plus the main one on Ol’ man Island, so wherever you are you can be sure to be within walking distance to a pool.

The cake things ( sorry I have forgotten what they are called :blush: :laugh: are only avail at the FQ…I have heard they are to die for! Must pay a visit on the next trip! )

Really that’s all I tell you, there are pros and cons, likes and dislikes to both but only you can decide. They both offer so much whatever you decide I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


We stayed at the FQ in July and loved it. Most of the time you share busses with Riverside. If you do share you are the first to get picked up, if the bus is busy it just goes to the destination if not it goes to Riverside. For the drop off, I would say 80% of the time FQ is dropped off first. I believe FQ get their own bus to MK and also for the return. Can’t help out with the food court at Riverside, but we loved the Food Court at FQ. The beigets are good, I have not seen them anywhere else but at the FQ. Love the FQ had no more thatn a 5 minute walk to the pool, food and the bus.


I have only stayed at POR so don’t have first hand info on FQ. But, I really like the theming in the Magnolia Bend area. There are bus stops for those buildings as well. However, I have always found it best to go to the main bus stop. Worked best for us for whatever reason. I know that FQ and POR share buses, but I have never run into a problem with lack of space on a bus. The bus service has always been great there. It may have something to do with the fact that the times I’ve stayed there it was considered “off” season…meaning either November or March. The food court at POR has a lot to offer and I also like having the sit down restaurant option. As far as the beignets…I was very disappointed in the ones I tried:( Although I do know many here have enjoyed them.