I NEED help!


Something told me last night to wake up and look at my SWA Email. Well to my surprise I had it ALL messed up!!! I need to LEAVE philly 5-15 at 7am NOT orlando!!! I called SWA to fix this but since this was a ding I needed to pay add $102. So I thought about leaving the night before and its add $171 with WDW and $60 with SWA. If I left on the 5-15 it wont put me into WDW till 12 noon and that will eat up 1/2 day… If I changed my sched all around and come home from WDW on 5-15 that would be too many un pd days off work!!! What should I do?? SWA said I can cancel it and hold the $200 I already pd into a “bank credit” and wait for another ding!! Will there be more good dings that arnt all taken ???:confused:


No one can tell you what’s going to come up on DINGs and if a DING does come up it might not be for your day. I don’t know what to tell you, good luck I hope you get this fixed.

I bet I know exactly what you did though because it’s easy to do. You have DING set to Orlando and the airports you fly out of and you clicked on the Orlando DING instead of going to your home airport and starting there. I haven’t booked doing that but I’ve clicked that way and had to back out and go down to my airport.

Good luck, I hope it doesn’t cost you too much to fix this.


I think thats what I did. Now Im so confused on what to do. I’m afraid if I cancel it I wont be able to get that rate again. I hope I get some dings today so I can sleep tonight


I dont know what to tell you- we need to fly home on the 16th and there have been no dings for that date yet so perhaps you will be ok waiting a week for another ding- otherwise you can always spend the $ a week from now- it wont matter.


I know but I NEED to get this off my chest. I cant think about anything else untill I get this fixed.


can you change the dates of your trip to have you save the ding fare? It does not matter if you lose that fare amount on a ding fare if you cant fly on that date- I had similar things happen where the ding was avail on my date I needed just in the opposite direction- I could not use it because it was just not on my dates- tampa seems to be big today- could you fly there instead?


I didnt even get a ding today! I really wanted to use ME. I will wait and see what happens. I will give it till 3-14 and then make my final decision. Worse come to worse I have $208 credit


Check your Ding!!!
Orlando to Philly is a big one right now and I find that when its offered one way its offered the other as well!!