I need help!


Ok, in Feb I have a work seminar in Orlando. My seminar is on a Friday. I decided to make it a quick weekend trip to WDW and I called and there is NOTHING available in the values and moderates for the weekend I am going. What do I do??? I don’t want to pay no 400.00 a night to stay in a deluxe. Put on your mousebuzz caps and please help me. :crying: I am open to suggestions…


Buena Vista Suites is just around the corner from Disney. My daughter, family and I stayed one night and then Disney property the next week. It is a great hotel. If you go to Disney Vacation Packages, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line and Disneyland vacation package - Dreams Unlimited Travel about 1/2 way down the page you will see the deals. She paid $88 for the one night and the room was beautiful with a full breakfast. They still have the deal according to the web site. Also the have free shuttle service back and forth to Disney every hour if she remembers right. Hope this helps.


Are you open to staying outside the parks? The Gaylord Palms is a wonderful resort and it’s really beautiful.


I’d keep calling Disney- maybe something will open up. What about the Swan or Dolphin- did you try them.


Yeah… try the Swan&Dolphin. You get all (errr… most) of the on-property perks for less than the deluxe resorts.

There’s also the Garden Wing at the Contemporary, as well as standard view rooms at the Animal Kingdom lodge which I’ve noticed are less expensive. Saratoga tends to run for a little less, as well.

Then if you must veer from Disney resorts, you could try for the Downtown Disney Hilton or other DtD resort.

There’s also the possibility a room opens up at a value/moderate.

Good luck!


So, do the the DtD resorts offer the same “perks” as other Disney resorts, as in Extra Magic Hours?


Did you try booking online? Sometimes they have rooms available online and not over the phone and vice versa.


No, only the Disney resorts have EMH. Also you don’t get Magical Express with the DtD resorts. I would check online like others have suggested or try the Dolphin or Swan (while you don’t get Magical Express you do get package delivery and disney transportation to the parks).


Check the Hilton @ DTD for EMH. Another option would be to check for space at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek. We use Sun or Snow Timeshare. Bonnet Creek is next to CBR and we always get a 2BR unit for the price of a moderate. If you only need a 1BR the price could be around the cost of a value. They do have their own transportation that runs on a set schedule but we use our car most days for max flexability (needed on a short escape for park hopping). Laura will work with you. Tell her Rich in Beaufort, SC recommended you contact her. Info is:
Laura Gohl
Owner and Manager
Sun or Snow Timeshare
Sun or Snow Timeshare
Phone: (719) 235-3506
Fax: (888) 880-4389


Just curious, what are the dates of your seminar?:huh:


Why not rent DVC points?


The actual seminar is for one day, Feb 6th. I am checking my options…who would have thought that there would be NOTHING available. I also checked online.