I need INPUT!


We are getting ready to book a cruise for 5 of us! We obviously have to have either get two connecting cabins or a family deluxe cabin with a verandah! Which would you choose and why?


Good question! I like the sound of a verandah, being able to sit out and enjoy the ocean in my jammies early in the morning sounds wonderful. We are looking at a cruise for the summer of '08. We only have 3 in our family but our friends have 5 so we will get one of their kids in our room to even it out.


For me, it would depend on how old my kids were. Have you considered doing a category 6 and a category 11 right across the hall? You still get your verandah, separate rooms and it should be pretty close to the same price.


Yes, like Mickey said if you have older kids 12 + maybe you could do an inside and outside cabin.

We had a cat 9 and while it was fine I really want a verandah next time. If you have younger kids who nap then it would be really great to sit out there and enjoy the ocean while still being in the room with them.


We are in the same boat (:laugh: ) as you are. We are cruising in approximately 30 days and we chose two category 10 connecting rooms. It is more space than the single verandah room and much less than that room. Plus for a cruise, you really spend such little time in your room. Trust me!


Family deluxe cabin…the verandah sold me…lol


OK, what’s the difference in price between the two options? That would make a difference for MY family. But I voted for the Family Suite with the Verandah. Now THAT’S the way to do a Disney Cruise!!! :wub: (one day, I swear)


We had the deluxe family cabin for four of us - the girls were in their teens - and it was ample room - and the verandah is wonderful. We didn’t feel crowded at all. (And we’d just come from a OKW suite). I also like Mickey’s option, if possible - an inside cabin for the kids and the outside smaller deluxe with verandah for you.


I would take the family cabin with the verandah.

Even if you can save a little cash by going with the inside/outside option, once the kids see how cool having that outdoor space is (and believe me, it’s VERY cool), they’re probably going to spend all their cabin-time wanting to hang out there anyway…:laugh:

They ARE nice and roomy, though, like llama said – no sense of being in cramped quarters. And those verandahs are WORTH EVERY PENNY. Once you’ve had one you’ll never go back. :wub:


The useful info on this link may help you decide

Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Trip Reports



John, thanks. Very neat link!:cool:


The site linked to also has room reviews on resorts as well as the Cruise.



I am leaning towards the verandah myself. My kids are too young to be across the hall (12,9,7) so unfortunately that is out! I know two bathrooms is a plus for the 2 rooms but is that better than the verandah?

We definetely did not spend very much time in our room last cruise! :glare: The price difference is only a few hundred dollars! Not enough to totally deter me from the verandah!:blink:

I gotta find out the square footage. Maybe that will help too!

Thanks for the link mrflorida74 that may be helpful too!!


darn- I voted on what I would want and not what i could afford! We have to do the two room thing as well since we are a family of 6. somewhere there is a tip that if you book enough in advance you can get specific connecting rooms that also have balcony and are obstructed views but a great deal. There was a large cost jump between the two choices-


you always need to have a verandah…


We did this with Disneymom and family and boy did it save us money!!!


Thanks for the good idea. My 17 & 15 yr. old boys will be happy. So will the parents.


What deck do you recommend? 5 or 6


I am claustrophobic and my husband is a smoker. That makes the decision for us.


I don’t think you can smoke in the room or on the verandah.