I need online check-in help


Please help…I get all the way to the room request and it wont let me type anything…Anyone else had problems with this???


It did the same thing with me today. I checked in and it wouldn’t let me type anything on the room request at all. You using an Apple or a PC?


Using a PC


Good, it wasn’t just me then, I was using a MAC. Sucks I didn’t get to put a room request, but I am okay with it. Good luck with yours.


What browser were you either of you using?

By the way CJ, I think you can now add the countdown clock to your posts by following the User CP link and then going to “edit options” on th eleft hand side of the page.


If you orginally called in your requests they will still be with your ressie with the resort. You just won’t be able to see them with the online check in. We used it in May and it didn’t show my requests either but they were granted for me at check in.

And if you don’t get them when you check in, just politely ask the cm… you never know!


I could not get it to take my information… there was nothing it would let me do. so, no online check-in for us… but we are still coming!