I need opinions about renting points


We are planning a trip for Dec/ 2007. I know, it’s a long way off, but I am a planning nut! We are considering renting points from someone to try the DVC. We would be going during value season, and I’m wondering how much more this will cost us. We went for 2 weeks this past Jan, & we will be going for 2 weeks again, since I felt rushed near the end of the last trip. (there’s so much to try & get done!) We stayed at ASMovies the last 2 times we went & that was OK for us since we didn’t spend alot of time in the room. But, this time we might bring one more person, so I thought the extra room might be nice.
I need to know what you all think: is it worth the cost?
Also, how can I find out how many points it will cost? Is there a chart somewhere? I already have an idea of how much points seem to be rented for.
Thanks guys!:wub:


Renting points is a great and afforadable way to stay in some of Disneys best resorts.

Here is a link to a chart on points. You can also navigate this site for tons of other usefull info on renting.

DVC Point Chart, Disney Vacation Club Points


We’re big fans of renting points. At this time in our lives we just can’t invest in DVC and renting is a great way to have access to some of the DVC perks as well as stay at some world class, deluxe hotels for the price of a moderate.

Renting does require a bit of risk in as much as you’re dealing with another human being who may or may not have honorable intentions, but options such as putting your rental cost in escrow before the trip are ways to bypass the worst scenarios. Also, be sure to ask for references from your potential “landlords.”


As Bali said, there is a trust factor. I’ve rented a dozen times but I have never rented from someone. Unfortunately I plan to go quite a bit in the next two yaers so I can’t let you have my points. I do have quite a few friends here in my sleeply little town that are members that I would personally vouch for. If you need help, let me know.


We rented and plan to go this way from now on!!1