I need opinions about renting points


We are planning a trip for Dec/ 2007. I know, it’s a long way off, but I am a planning nut! We are considering renting points from someone to try the DVC. We would be going during value season, and I’m wondering how much more this will cost us. We went for 2 weeks this past Jan, & we will be going for 2 weeks again, since I felt rushed near the end of the last trip. (there’s so much to try & get done!) We stayed at ASMovies the last 2 times we went & that was OK for us since we didn’t spend alot of time in the room. But, this time we might bring one more person, so I thought the extra room might be nice.
I need to know what you all think: is it worth the cost?
Also, how can I find out how many points it will cost? Is there a chart somewhere? I already have an idea of how much points seem to be rented for.
Thanks guys!:wub:


Right now points are renting for 10-12 dollars per point. This site seems to have the most activity on their rent/trade board. The DIS Discussion Forums - DVC-Rent/Trade

Here is a point chart that should help you to plan out how many points your stay will take. DVC Point Calculator, Disney Vacation Club, DVC Information, DVC Points