I need some advice


We have been doing Disney off and on now for the past 10 years and are planning to try and go every other year now. I can’t be 100% sure how long we will do this, but now our kids are old enough to enjoy it.

I guess I could use any input you all might have about this. I do have a few friends that have had it for years, but they make a lot more money then I do :eek: We decided that we are going to stay mostly deluxe with the occasional moderate stays. I heard it was $112 a point and it would take 400 plus points to stay at a deluxe resort. If that’s true then it would be almost $50,000 dollars which is hard for me to jump up and down about. I understand that my wife and I need to do what’s best for us and we are the only ones to decide on this.

Please fire away and let me know all the experiences you can. Thank you all for your input…

PS: With work we won’t be able to go every year only every other.


We bought on the secondary market for much less. There are many different opinions on here about to buy from Disney or to buy secondary. For us the secondary market gave us exactly what we wanted at a great price. With the economy being what it is today you can get the resales cheap. Also staying at any DVC resort really is like staying at a deluxe resort. Good luck!


Also remember if you are only going every other year that you can save points and borrow points so you don’t have to purchase one huge sum of points.


Is there a site to buy into the club? I am trying to get an idea of what is best for us. So the points roll over from year to year?.. hmmmm…


I’m asuming that you are interested in buying timeshare?

My DH and I bought our timeshare in Disney a few years ago. I think it was well worth the money we paid. We own in Saratoga Springs which we love. But we have stayed at other resorts as well. We own 200 points. Most of our vacations are taken in low season. I try and plan our vacations to disney every other year so I have 400 ponts to use. Depending on whom is coming with us is what kind of unit we get so sometimes we get a 2 bedroom, sometimes we get a studio, once we had a treehouse. Depending on what type of unit we get and at which resort we book, and what view we take is how many points we use. Depending on our point useage is how many trips we take. This year we are going 3 times. 1) 5 day trip in April at Old Key West studio unit, 2 - 7 day trips, 1 in January in the Saratoga Springs 3 bedroom treehouse and we will be taking another trip staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge stuio unit with a savanah view the week after Thanksgiving.

This is a website that will help you determine how many points you will need for different units at different times of the year.

DVC Point Chart, Disney Vacation Club Points

There are also websites that you can buy disney timeshare at a lower resale price per point. But when you buy the resale your usage years are lower.

If you have to finance this purchase it’s probably better not to finance through Disney, I think they are charging 10 1/2 percent, which is pretty high in my opinion.

As you said in the beginning only you and your wife know if this purchase will benefit you and your family. One of the things I can say is that I know about 6 families tha own Disney timeshare and all are very happy with their purchase. Nexttime your in Disney sit down with a sales person and they will walk you through all the steps. Also you can use your points towards other vacation destinations, not just Disney World, so if your family goes through the no Disney stage like mine did for a few years you will still be able to use you purchase.

I ope this was helpful?


Disney Vacation Club

This is the website for the Disney Vacation Club, maybe this can help answer some of your questions about how membership works.


I am trying to figure it out, thank you so much for the information. Can you stay at the Polynesian as a member? I see only the specific villa resorts.


Disney Vacation Club Quick Reference Guide

Here’s another site that might help. Yes you can change you points over to stay at the hotels, but in my opinion it really isn’t worth it. Your points don’t seem to equate to that many nights at a hotel.


You can but it’s not a good use of points. I would rather pay cash than use points due to the number of points it would take.


You can only bank points into the next year. If they are not used by the end of your next use year they expire. You can also borrow points from your next use year. We own 200 points but could use up to 600 points if we bank and borrow points and have current points. Resale prices are pretty low right now, have you looked at resale sites yet?


Quite a few years ago we sat through the sales pitch and decided at the time it was not for us. Raising a family, etc. told us not to do so. A few years ago we revisted the idea and again sat through the sales pitch. We bought into the idea and are now vacation club members.

We do regret buying in the first time we listened. The price of points will only go up unless you stumble upon any type of promotional price. The first time we listened, the price per point was considerably less than it is now.

Only you and your family know what is best for you.


If you aren’t anxious about getting to disney quick, be sure to check resale but look closely . One of the reasons those points are cheaper is because a lot of the contracts are stripped of points for a year or so. People use up this yr’s and perhaps next yr’s points (by borrowing). So you may not have any points to use for well over a year. Some of the contracts are much cheaper than buying right from disney, but then with disney you MAY get an extra yrs points. Lots of things to consider.


We bought when the mini-mice were young. We have never regretted it. When have family vacation every other year. Then DW and I go for a long weekend on the off year. 2011 it will be just us at the Wine and Food Festival, we’re gonna bank 2012 and go all out in 2013 when the expansion is done.

With all of that said = do it.


DVC is the best purchase we ever made! Our membership has paid for itself 10x over, and we still have 30+ years to get even more value out of our purchase.

The links that have been posted in this site have lots of information. Take a look at it, and let us know what type of questions you may have. There are lot’s of owners on this site, and they always have great info to share.

If you are planning on only going for 1 week every 2 years, 200 points should be plenty for your family. With the banking/borrowing, you will be able to have access to 400points for each vacation…and this should be enough for 1 week in a 2 bedroom villa most times throughout the year at most of the DVC properties. There are lots of variables that come into play (time of year, DVC property, and type of view), so it can run you up to 615 points for a 2 bedroom for 7 nights if you go in the Premeir season and get the Magic Kingdom view at Bay Lake Towers. But on the other end of the spectrum, you can get a 2 bedroom for 7 nights at the Boardwalk in the value season, standard view for 224 points.

The great thing about DVC is you purchase a set point amount, and then you can choose the time of year and place and view to fit your points.

The cash price for a 2 bedroom villa can run approx $400 - 700/night. So for 1 week, it would cost about $3000 - $5000. In approx 5 vacations in a deluxe, you will more than pay for your DVC membership, and will still have many, many more vacations to get plenty of value out of DVC!

On the other hand, you can do Disney at value resorts, and compared to DVC, you will probably not save alot of money buy going with DVC…it really depends on your preference. We have been spoiled, and really love staying at the Boardwalk because of it’s location…so that is where we like to stay.

It’s totally worth sitting in on the DVC presentation, it is not a hard sell…they do not presure you at all!

Good luck with your decision!!