I need some help with off site ideas~


So my mom called me today and wanted to buy Sea World tickets for the day we leave to come home. I actually dont know if I want to go to SW so I was thinking what else is there out there to do thats fum with the kids?
Thanks for any suggestions!


My boys LOVE Gatorland, although we haven’t been there since the fire two years ago.


It’s not an all day event, but we want to check out the wind-machine/sky diving simulator that they have in Orlando. I’ve always wanted to do it, but never knew where to do it…I checked online and there’s a place in Orlando and it’s pretty reasonable. I think the total flight time isn’t long, but I think it’d be a cool experience.

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If you REALLY aren’t feeling SW (?? Why not!??) then you should consider the drive over the Kennedy Space Center or checking out Wonderworks or maybe one of the 3.2 billion dinner shows.

There are water parks (2 Disney, the new Aquatica and Wet N Wild)

You could also drive to the beach, but you live in NJ, right? You have beaches available to you when not on vacation, I’m sure.

There are TONS of really awesome Miniature golf places. One that rings a bell in my mind has a HUGE Volcano with fire in the middle of it. (HUGE.)


I’m not sure if you’re looking for the super tourist-y stuff like that…


Thanks all for the advise. The reason Im not really feeling SW is because its over $400 for all of us and I want to upgrade to AP’s. My mom said that she would buy the tickets but then I may have to hear it for the rest of my life. Who knows… I want to check out all the great ideas ya’all gave me. Thanks!!!


Well Kennedy Space Center and the water parks are sort of expensive, too! Just FYI!


Maybe look into an Airboat ride? I think there are places that charge a flat rate for everyone which would be cheaper than something where you pay for everyone seperately.


See this is the thing~ I would love to go to SW and whatever else there is out there but I dont know if I can take my heart outta Disney~ I think I may be trying to look for excuses not to go. I think I may just go do the SW thing. I know it will be a blast and besides, I heard there is a place at SW for free beer :laugh:


Take her to the outlet stores, ecspecially the Disney one, you can get pins to trade with and you get out of the park. Also you can get some good deals.

My in-laws went with us last time, the are very Catholic, please no one be mad at me for that one… but any how, there is a Catholic building that is not a church they hold mass there weekly and on holy days. Well it is beautiful and open to public all the time. It has reflection ponds and great buildings. Anyway that is maybe ideas…


Hey you said she wants to see SW, let her pick up the bill if she wants to go.
I know that sounds mean, but isn’t this the same person her invited herself or am I confussed?


Do it. Sea World is a top-notch place. Maybe not Disney, but not far behind. You’ll have a great day. AND IT WON’T COST YOU A THING!!!


I second that! SW is a lovely park with something for everyone, and the food there is dare I say it better than Disney’s??
There is ‘free beer’ tastings at the Budweiser building where you can go and see the Clydesdale Horses too, and the food in the Budweiser building is superb.

The other suggestion for Kennedy Space is also great, I was not keen to go as I thought it would be a real boys trip but it was awesome, so interesting even for those not particularly into space travel.
The Apollo moon landing room was very emotive, especially for those of us old enough to remember it really happening!!

Choice between the two??? definately Sea World!!


Go spend the day at SW on your mom.You have a DVC & Aps you can do disney again soon.You may not get the chance to go to SW next time.I love SW, it is laid back& relaxing.


Definatly go to SW! Its a fantastic day out, great shows and a completly different pace to WDW! You’ll love it


Your mother and my mother-in-law sound like twins!:laugh::laugh: Just kidding

Anyways, SW is fun! But if it were me…I’d want to spend the day at Disney. Why not go resort hopping and spend the day at DTD?