I need some thoughts on AKV


Hi all. I want to book my May (poss April) trip today with DVC at AKV and wanted to know some info on the types of rooms there.
I was looking over the pt chart and there are several types of rooms to choose from.
Which should I do? Should I save pts and go with a value room or is it worth it for the Savannah View, or even better the concerige floor.
I have never really have this kind of option before since I always went to the value resorts.
Perhaps I should try Boardwalk or Beach Club instead.
What should I choose. I wanted to get it in to DVC by tonight.
Thanks all:heart:


It depends on what you and your family enjoy. I think having a Savannah view room would be magical, but there are several places to view the animals at AKL if you have a regular room and I’m assuming the new AKV building will be the same. I don’t know what the availability will be with the new rooms just getting ready to open, so you may have to go with another property.

We were kind of in the same boat. We’re new to DVC, and for our first trip, OKW was one of the few open the dates we needed. So depending on when you can stay, it may limit your options.

I just toured BWV, BCV, SSR, and WLV on our last trip, and I am really looking forward to staying at each of them in the future.


OKay, I have done a lot of research on this same question when we booked our first DVC vaca. It is worth the extra points for Savanah view. Not really worth the concierge level. It isn’t really worth it unless you wanted to do the sunrise or sunset safaris with a meal at Jiko. Kids have to be of a certain age for this as well-can’t remember just know my DD2 is way to young. They did make me aware that a FEW of the value rooms do have a partial savanah view but not enough to consider it a SVR. It is mostly parking lot views etc. I would stick with AKV but I can tell you that BC is nice. I just got back from a little vacation at the YC and sense their connected you still get the feel. They are nice but I would really prefer the AKV. The only pro for me with the YC&BC is the pool. I’ve seen the pool at BW and the water slide is really long. Not sure how AKL is and I guess no one really knows what the AKV pool will be.
Hope this helps, if you need anything more answered let me know.


Thanks to the both of you! Im going to call and ask about AKV standard and SV. Im going to see what the pt difference will be. Thanks again


You can always check the point differences on Welcome to Tagrel.com.

We stayed at AKLV this past summer, we used more points to get a savannah view. Dsis and Dmom got value rooms. Their rooms were MUCH closer to the lobby and had a nice view of the pool that then overlooked a savannah. We had a HUGE walk to our room each night. We had a nice view, but there are so many opportunities to see animals, it’s my personal opinion NOT to spend the extra points on a savannah view. We are going back again over spring break in March and are staying in a value room.