I need to know EVERYTHING about Ft. Wilderness


Well looks like we will be camping at Ft.Wilderness Sept 30/Oct 10. My husband will be buying a travel trailer within a month or so and he wants to hook it up and drive on down. Im just excited he wants to go.
I would like to know all the in and outs of this place.
Which loop to request, things not to be missed. He wanted to only do a 5 day with waterpark and more but for $25 more we can do a 9 day base with waterpark.
His plans are to do a few days of parks, us hhn ,fishing all ay on a boston whaler rental and enjoy the camp ground.
My only thing is i doubt we can get free ddp if offered.
Does anyone know of any discounts for packages that have been offered here?
Looking foward to all the advise


We stay in Fort Wilderness every year and have for the last 15 years, wouldn’t stay anywhere else. First year stayed in loop 100 closest to the lake, nice but a very busy area. We now stay in loop 800 because we have a dog and this is one of the loops that you are able to have pets. This loop is called Jack Rabbit Run and is right across the way from the Meadows Trading Post. I request this loop every year, nice, quiet and private at night. Most defianetly plan on doing the campfire at 7:00pm with Chip N Dale. When you check in they will give you the schedule of movies that are playing each night at the campfire, bring marshmellows for roasting. I would also plan on renting a golf cart if you can, makes it much easier getting around the campground, especially if you are a ways away from the stores or lake. They are at the moment $59.00/day and I recommend booking now, no cost just a credit card # to hold then you can pay upon check in. If you need to use the bathrooms and showers I have to say they are the cleanest facilities I have ever seen. As a matter of fact although I have a shower in my Motor Home the husband and kids prefer to use the facilites in the campground. We are leaving in 12 days for Fort Wilderness and will be there for two weeks. I will let you know of any any updates when I get back. Have a great trip!!!