I need your opinions quick!


I have reservations for FQ on Aug.8 for 2 nights. I really wanted to stay at BC for a long time. I do have the money but it might stretch me a bit. We are not going to any theme parks. We are just hanging out. My delima is should i go with BC or stay at FQ? Is it worth swithching? My amount would go from $222.00 to $540.00.


IMHO… no not worth the jump for 2 days.


oooooohhhhhhhh…tough question.

That’s a big difference. You could add two more nights to FQ and still have $$ left over.

On the other hand, it’s the Beach Club and if you’re not doing anything except hanging out…what a place to hang out!!!

Have you looked into renting points? Maybe you could get it a bit cheaper that way (if it’s available).

I know, no help at all!!!

Good luck with your decision though!


I love Beach Club and I think it would be a great resort to stay in if you are not doing parks. The pool is awesome and there are so many nice restaurants in the area. You wouldn’t have to leave your resort the whole time if you didn’t want to yet you would have so much to do.

If you have the money I say go for it. What better way to try it than a short trip? You can sample it and if you find you like it you can book it for a longer trip in the future.


I don’t know how to rent points esp. as soon as we are going(in 3 weeks). I am not too sure if we could rent points that soon.I would be open to that possibly.


i feel your pain in such a decision. but personally, for such a short trip, i don’t think it’s worth it to double the expense. squirrel that money away to be able to schedule and enjoy a longer trip!!


I think that is a good idea. Stay at POFQ and save the money for a longer trip!


Since it would stretch you a bit, I’d stay with the FQ. Is it possible to extend your stay at FQ? You know, more days for the same as the two at BC. If not…I like the idea of saving the money for a different trip!


That’s a big difference.

I wouldn’t switch.


I too agree to stay at FQ and keep the money you save for a future trip. Also you have the option of walking to Riverside, carrage ride and taking the boat to DTD. Let us know what you decide.


That’s quite a big difference. Can you stay an extra day or two? Who knows, you might get a wild hair and decide to visit a theme park after all!! Any hoo…to answer your question, I would not switch.


I would stay at the FQ and save my money.


FQ is such a beautiful resort, you’ll have a great time just hanging out there. Will you honestly be able to stay away from the parks?


I feel so alone!!


I wouldn’t switch. I’d save the money, and eat a nice dinner somewhere, or use that money to get in a park!


I wouldn’t switch. That way you have more money to do some fun things during you stay.


Yeah, I have been thinking about staying one more day like you all said. I would love to do a theme park if it is not too hot. I will stay put. THANK YOU!!! I knew I could count on you all. I might do an extra special dinner or something.


While we love BC, believe it or not, I think FQ will have much more to do, esp. if you are just hanging out…

  1. Go to POR for Piano Bar Bob in the evenings.
  2. Boat to Marketplace, PI or DTD.
  3. Two incredible pools to hang out by.
  4. Boat rentals!
  5. Having restaurant/bar access at both PO resorts!


I think either would be great! If you can only stay for 2 days I would go for the BC!!! May be your only chance!!


Yea, I finally have company!!

I agree, what if you never get the chance again?