I received a share of Disney Stock for my B-Day!


DH and DD surprised me with a share of Disney Stock! I am so excited!!!

Now I can “write off” all of my trips as business trips being I am “part owner” in the company right? ROFL!
Yes taxman…just checking on my investment… Ok, I know, I probably “own” a handle to flush a toilet with the amount of one share LOL… but I can and will PICK which toilet I prefer!

BTW- The share is absolutely beautiful… and owning a piece of the magic is “priceless”!

Just had to share with other Disney lovers!


Congrats to you. What a nice bday surprise! Happy birthday to you.


How cool is that? What a great idea. Everyone has my list as to what I’d like for Christmas so it’s to late for that, but I think I’ll start hinting for a share for my birthday.:wub: Belated Happy Birthday!


Tink bought my DH a share of Disney for his birthday a couple of years ago. Every year he gets a great magazine listing all the economics of the parks, the accounts etc and the future plans for Disney as a whole. Its a very interesting read.


Zoey, who did he purchase the stock from? Direct from Disney? is there a site? This is such a great idea.


You can get them on share.com and oneshare.com sites…
I don’t know which site he used. :O) I mentioned it (one share) to him a few years ago… I was surprised he remembered! What a good husband… He scored MAJOR points with that one! He also had the frame engraved and it says My Happy Place on a plaque at the bottom…
Check out mousesavers.com and there is a coupon for $10 off a share.
You can buy shares of almost anything that is publicly traded.

See- as Dixie said- I will get the stats and everything! LOL I really will own “part” ! Might have to arrange a special trip for the annual shareholder meetings.


Cool! That is a great surprise!


Um, my legal advice for the day? :pirate:

You might just want to run that past your accountant first… :laugh:


Yes, I think our tax advisor would laugh as well… I tried to be creative with my college costs as well last year- to no avail… oh, well… it was worth a shot! ROFL!
I still get bragging rights!


We bought Disney Stock a couple years ago. I love getting the annual report.


congrats, i would love to have a surprise like that.


I almost just surprised myself with one! I thought he had forgot. One night I was online and had a few beverages and just barely stopped myself from clicking buy b/c I knew it really wasn’t in the budget and I didn’t have any holidays to justify buying myself a present for ROFL!

Friendly Warning Note To Fellow Adult MouseBuzzers*

DO NOT …I repeat… DO NOT go onto Ebay or other sites that sell Disney gear if you have a valid CC and have consumed more than one (1) adult beverage. A few years ago, I “WON” several Disney items on Ebay and kept receiving UPS packages for a week! LOL! That was the incident that helped me with self restraint on this one! DH would have committed me if I did THAT again!


This is really cool!


What was even cooler was I bought 100 shares in September 2002 for about $16 per share. I should have had more confidence and bought more then. These are real shares and the price has doubled to over $32, plus five years of dividends.


Very cool birthday present!!! Love that he had it framed for you too:)


I hope that everyone who puts this on their “wishlist” gets one as well! Then we could have a “stockholder” meet and greet! LOL!
Sending positive energy for all those “wish” stocks to arrive this season for all of you!
I agree it is/was a great idea!