I refuse to say "Hollywood Studios" its MGM!


am i a jerk for when i ask the concierge “what time does MGM close?” and when she responds “do you mean Hollywood Studios?” i say “Noooo… MGM!”

yea… i’m a jerk. but i think of myself as “Old School”


Yeah, it’s hard for me, too…I end up calling it both names at times…


And Port Orleans Riverside is still Dixie Landings to me!


I jerk, no but maybe stubborn. I have had a hard time with the switch as well. I think I have gotten used to Hollywood Studios,I think. It will alawys be MGM to most of us on here though.


I am going to havea hard time saying Hollywood Studios as I have only been there when it was called MGM.


yes cap! Dixie Landings it is!


I still call MB…DC. And only a few really long-time members will know what that means.


hollywood studios is toooo long a name…
i would say “what time does studios close?”


I just hope you didn’t bite the cm’s head off, as they are just doing their job. Not their fault the name was changed. I don’t like the change either, but have to go with the flow.


Hehe, change is good, embrace it. You are not a jerk for saying MGM but you do sound out of touch. :laugh:


No matter what, it will always be MGM to me


MGM…not a jerk just hanging on to the good ol’ days.


I just call it The Studios. I had a hard time for a while with the switch, but now I’m ok with it.


I still call it MGM when I’m talking about it with my family or my friends who remember it as MGM. However, when I’m talking to those who don’t know much about Disney or haven’t been there before, I call it by it’s current name otherwise they get really confused! :laugh:


Yes DC I am one that knows that one lol. I to have had a hard time getting use to the name change. but what can you do it will always be mgm but we all will get use to it just like we did when MB was changed from DC. And for the newbie’s DC = Disney Central


And is the “Dinosaur” attraction still “Countdown to Extinction”? Hmmm…I wonder how many attractions have changed names over the years?


The CM’s pretty universally call it Studios or The Studios.
On the other hand, “DHS”?
Is that Disney’s Hollywood Studios or is that Department of Homeland Security?

That’s as goofy:goofybounce: as The Police’s booking agency, Frontier Booking International (FBI).


Somehow I hadn’t realized they changed the name and one year I remember noticing that the park maps didn’t say MGM anymore.:blush:


lol oooo thats was DC stands for eh? thanks for the heads up! lol


The official change was January 7, 2008.

We were in WDW through Jan 2 and were under the mistaken idea that the name was supposed to change on New Year’s Day.
It took a while for everything to get switched over.