I remeber before the passholder problems


I was doing a search trying to see how many passholders vs day tickets make up a day at disneyland and came across several different forum debates. I was very surprised that anyone REALLY believes that the passholder idea is good for the park. Now hold on a bit, i’m a passholder and i love being able to go when i want for nothing but i remember the time when parking wasn’t a problem, when you could get on rides late at night because most ppl were leaving from being tired, when at 11:00 you could tell what the day was gonna be like attendance wise, being able to get in every single ride in one visit. I understand the pass seemed like a good idea but really is it? In the old days going to Disneyland was really a treat, something to save for, a vaction, now it feels more like a mall trip at xmass. We would spend a whole paycheck there knowing we wouldnt be back soon, we had to buy items we wanted then because they might not be there in a year or two. If you told someone you were going to disney they were impressed because a trip to Disneyland meant so much more to everyone. I went 6 or 7 times when i turned 16 and got my first job back in 1978 and it was worth every penny, now i buy a pass for $200.00 and can go 275 days if i want(and i’ll be there in 3 weeks) I somehow feel ive cheated myself out of what it really meant to me to go to Disneyland all these years. Five times being a passholder and i wonder how this pass may have tarnished my dream. Ive read post where ppl say they should get more for there pass, more days, better days, more discounts, that they should pay less because there not eating or buying anything just going to see the fireworks or go at the end of the night for a few rides, that there not there all day like a ticket buyer, well i think thats the point, most passholders arent there all day so there not buying as much food and they do come mostly to see a good show which makes it more crowded and they do go after work which makes the parks fuller and slower after 3pm. So i look at this passholder deal as maybe not such a great deal for the total Disneyland experience, not only do i feel its cheapened my experience but on a whole ive cheapened ticket holders experiences too. What am i gonna do? nothing because as long as i can get a pass that will allow me into a place i still love to go as many times as i like at a chaep price i will do it and thats the truth. See ya in 3 weeks Disneyland :blush:


One of the biggest issues with parking at the resort is from back in the mid 90’s when the Resort Expansion was being put into place, the executives and management/accountants did not project so many AP’s and attendance and projected that the average car would have anywhere between 3-5 passengers per car and staying all day, as to the actual reality of 1-2 people per car coming just for the afternoon (this is where the APs cause a lot of problems - I myself am not an AP holder). Management also did not want to fund more future parking (thanks Eisner and Executives) - thinking it would not be needed, so unfortunately enough parking was not made and future parking lots were not put into place, and they are now dealing with the problems. Just a little info, Im sure you knew this, but I just wanted to share it for others who are not as knowledgeable with the whole parking mess.


Thank you for that info. ppl do really enjoy Disneyland or the passes wouldn’t have sold so well but there’s no way to deny that with very affordable Disney times came a little tarnish on the magic, Knowing i’m part of that is sad but the addiction is too great i’m affraid. I remember how cool it was to get there early to get close parking, lol too think how close it really was compared to today : (


after 9/11 it was the passholder in bothDLR and WDW that kept disney going …the passholder despite the fact that they get in for one price for a year actually do many things that benefit disney…much more than the problems they percievably cause …the parking spaces available at last count was 28,000…I don’t know actually what the capcity of DLR but lets say 3 prople per car all at once that would be 84,000 people …so that isn’t the problem parking should always be first come first served …and yes most people years ago used to come and stay till the bitter end…in the early part of the day sure be organized and line people up to be efficient for parking but later in the day it will be let people search as some leave …the many talking points laid down by management to be placed on the public just insults the customer …to we lease the land,the other areas are full,we have no control,it is city law,state law,passholders complaining etc …passholders or not the customer comes first at all times and when you lose that you start to lose walts vision on what the disney concept is…I actually witnessed my last time there a cast member verbally assault a customer while in the coffee shop watching a portion of the parade while waiting for his drink to be made ,when the patron said he was waiting for the coffee he ordered he was told to go wait at the bar and stop watching the parade from NEAR the door …let me ask you when in the past would this be ever done in the name of disney…sure you need crowd control…but in this case this person was in a store waiting on a purchase and not blocking anything


A lot depends on circumstances, really. There are a lot of people, like myself, who become passholders for the financial benefit.

It’s sort of like pre-Disney Vacation Club.

I bought four Premium Annual Passes in December 2003. One for myself, the other three for the Heir Apparent, his mom and sister. At $200.00 each, they were a steal.

In December 2004, the price shot up to $300.00 each. I could afford only two. But even then, my being in California for approximately two weeks paid for the annual pass.

In 2005, the price went up to $325.00, I could still justify the expense.

I bought them in 2006 and in May of 2007. Unfortunately, I was island bound from December 2007 until June 2009.

My last purchase was in July of 2009. I paid $385.00. Since that purchase, I spent the following days in the parks:

from 29 June to 7 July - 9 days.
from 21 Nov to 22 Nov - 2 days.
from 8 Dec to 9 Dec - 2 days.
from 12 Apr to 20 Apr - 9 days.

So this, in the end, means that I will have 22 full days in the parks. This works out to $17.50 per day. As opposed to paying full price or even a multiple day park hopper.

The dirty secret, as with DVC, is that no one actually uses their annual pass every day… Thus, in the end, Disney is “receiving” revenue without having people actually attend or show up at the park. If they do, a good portion show up for the afternoon or evening only.

In the end, it’s a win win. Disney gets revenue, the park isn’t unduly crowded. Yes, there are crowds at the seasonal times. But the only remedy for this would be to raise prices across the board.


Good points. I’m not saying anything about any passholder but myself and only brought up what i read on other forums about what the passholders said. I know for a fact its passholders that keep the park full till closing, Its been a huge change since before passholders as ppl just got too tired to make it all night after being there since morning and nobody would have paid full price for a ticket to show up at 5pm or 6pm, so that is a passholder byproduct. Parking, we’ll back before passholders it was mostly families and that is alot different from what the average passholder brings, so yep parking has been impacted alot by passholder’s but parking hasn’t been good for a long bit now. I love being a passholder because i love Disneyland so much and i’m glad that passholder’s get a great deal, that’s the truth, it’s the byproduct of having all us passholder’s there does to my memories that i don’t like. Thing’s always change and it’s sad to me, I still miss the mine train and really the only thing i like about Big Thunder is the ambiance left over from Nature’s Wonderland, If i would have never taken the ride on the old Mine Train i would except Big Thunder much easier, same with being a passholder.


This year being a passholder hasn’t really been a deal for me as we have only gone 2 times for 4 days total and they were spent 3 days at the Grand Californian and 1 day at the Paradise Pier so we didn’t save alot there. In the past going 8 single day trips a year was common but ive known of ppl who have gone much more than that. My point being a passholder is on single day trips i spend between 30.00 to 100.00 on myself as compared to being a day ticket buyer in 1978 where i spent a whole paycheck around 265.00 when min. wage was about 2.35 an hour, we all spent more because going To Disneyland was an all day event, as a passholder i could just pop in and i never did that except at the slow times of the day, so if there is 800,000 of us passholders showing up at slow times of the day and not spending as much how is that a benifit for the person who makes a family trip of it? For us close enough to go several times are the only one’s who benifit from the AP and at the expense of others. Sure Disney might make more money but thats never been my concern as i’m not a stock holder. I think getting rid of the AP program would be the best thing for the park followed by bringing back the ticket books, People would go back to planning for a trip to Disneyland, crowds would be less and the people there would spend more per trip, lines for better rides would have much shorter waits. Ok so its just how i feel about it, not trying to upset anyone or anything like that.