I Rode Everest!


Ok…so I didn’t exactly ride EE, but I kinda did. As y’all know, my FIL just started working over at EE about a week ago. Well, he called us tonight at about 10:30 and asked us if we wanted to ride along with him…of course we said “YES!!!” So he held his cell phone while he rode. First, let me tell you, my FIL is a tough guy, he’s not the type that would scream on a ride…well, there were several times he let out a great big “WHOOOOOOAAAA” and I heard a “HOLY MOLY” or two… It was cool cause he kinda gave us a play by play as he rode, like “ok, now we’re going up on the track between the buildings and the mountain” and “we’re going backwards now,” stuff like that. But the coolest part was that we could actually hear the sound effects on the ride. At the very beginning I heard the safety spiel about putting your belongings in the bin in front of you, and could hear the wind blowing by the phone. But even cooler than that, WE HEARD THE YETI!!! It was awesome. We could hear him roar. Man…I CAN NOT wait to ride this in May…

I just wanted to share with you guys… :biggrin:


LOL… Cool to be so close:smile:


How awesome!! Closer than any of us (except Rowdy!)…


That is so cool.
This ride sounds better every time I hear about it.


This post made me chuckle to myself because if you told this to anyone else, like a coworker, they would think you were nuts. But all of us here think it’s awesome! LOL. I’m still hoping that somehow I will be able to get on next week.


SO cool!!! :c)

I guess you are just as bad as your brother! Posting this! TEasing us with details!

And the nerve of your dad!

I am telling you what!! I can see this as a family trait for sure! :c)


I wanna hear the YETI, TOOOOOOOOOOO!! :crying:



Sounds like your FIL is a very cool guy!!!

I can’t wait… we will be there in a month and one week… fingers crossed!!!


Oh man!!! I thought you actually did it!!! Better than nothing though. I can’t wait to try this ride…



I’m really hoping that they have a soft opening this weekend. Trying not to get my hopes up but…I WANNA RIDE IT!!!


LOL, that is so cool!


My plan for AK revolves around riding EE. “Get FP, see this…ride EE:get FP, see that, ride EE:GEt fast pass …”


That is so cool. What a special FIL you have! Sharing the Disney magic with you when you can not be there! :mickey:


My mother and I are going to the AP preview on Saturday the 28th. I can’t wait!!!


Wow - very cool. I’m a total Everest freak. I read everything I can about it (the real one). I cannot wait for my first ride!

Only DC members could get excited over a second-hand phone call posted on a forum!

Ya gotta love us.


Oh man, that was a tease! That is cool though, that is a good idea.


Wow!! How fun would that have been!? Thanks for the tease, I mean the info! :tongue:


You got me—here I thought it was soft opening and I would get on it, but :nonono2: :nonono2: :nonono2: !


Oooh! We’re getting closer to actually getting on it!


That is so neat! I would be afraid to use my cell phone on the ride. Your FIL Rocks!


So cool!! The next best thing to being there:)