I rode Monsters Inc!


Hey everyone. This afternoon I had the pleasure of getting to ride Monsters Inc! It was awesome! I had to wait around for about 2 hours until it finally randomly opened but boy was it worth the wait! It has an awesome story line, the detailing on the sets are AMAZING and it has great music, videos at the loading and everything! I give it a 110%, be sure to ride it if you can! :smile:


Okay…I’m so very jealous!!! Happy for you though…and glad that there is now a great ride to take the place of that excuse for a ride they had there! Thanks for the info~!


Yay! I can’t wait! We are going to be there in a few months!


Give us details, what is it like? what is it like? Is it similar to the way the Pooh ride moves?


That sounds cool! Thanks for posting!


squeals of delight!! That is so cool! We will need more details! Thanks for making us all jealous! LOL!


Oh i wish i was there. I can’t wait till i can get there to see it.


Yes, I want to hear details as well! I plan on going to DL later this year once I return from WDW, so I want to hear more!


Well for some details: Lets start with the outside area now known as the “Hollywood Studios”. The Muppets Vision 3D has a new sign and is very well laid out and themed. The Who Wants to be a Millionar sign is gone and the building has been repainted. The buildings all around have been re-painted, Hollywood Dine is gone and a new studios truck like thing has replaced it that serves food. The shops are very well themed for the area and the signs to rides and shops are very good looking, in a way it some what has a look of the MGM Studios in WDW, but its different. The fountain has Mickey on it as the Sorcerer with water spouting out under him and four fountains spraying up in the lower level of the fountain. The area is very lush with many trees, bushes, flowers and such.
Now for a few ride details: The ride itself looks like a totally different building and ride. The old Superstar Limo vehicles are used however but they are well themed as taxis and fit the ride theme well. There is a video that plays that tells about the city and what has happened with the girl escaping. Then it goes into the whole story of what happened in Monsters Inc with Boo, you all know what happens. The evil monster (I forgot his name) he changes colors and there is one scene I remember that has him with a look like the ghosts have in the HM, hes kind of transparent, its great. The characters are very well done and Sulley actually has fur on the character and not just a painted outer shell. You get a very real feel as if you were in a city and the animatronics are very well done as well is the music, I felt as if I were literally thrown into the movie. They also have an awesome part of the ride that looks just like the part in the movie with all of the doors (when they were in the factory). Its just a totally awesome ride and a totally awesome new area. And the TOT looks great when your looking down the boulevard from the Studios section (Well it always looks great no matter what but the sight of it from the studios is just great) You guys will be amazed!


So is it a “dark” ride like Snow White or Pooh with sort of animated figures, or does it actually have animatronics like PotC?


Uhhh yes and no on the animatronics question.


I hope they put this in WDW someday - we love Monsters, Inc. in our family! :wub:


Thats is so awesome! whines I’m not going to get to visit Disneyland for aaaaagessss! oh well :tongue: heh heh heh
That ride sounds sweet though! Is it just a level track that the Taxi’s drive on? or does it move at all…


The Taxis just run along a track on one level.


Ok…you just got me wanting to know more… What exactly does “yes and no” mean?


Most of the characters move but some dont move as much as others do, thats what I meant by yes and no.


Did I express how HAPPY I am that the EVIL Limo Ride is gone??? YEAH!!! YIPPEE!!! does a happy dance on her desk :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:


Oh I know! Dances with Peppertink, lol. This has made my Christmas one of the best in the world! DCA is becoming an actual “Disney” theme park! YAY!! :happy:


YAY!!! Especially since it has a full bar! :wink:


I was wondering when the first first-hand report would be!! Gald to hear you liked it as much as I hoped one would. We love MI in this house, so we are really looking forward to the experience :mickey: