I saw "Narnia"


and i loved it!! i thought it was really good. it’s not as violent and gory as LOTR, it’s not as long and as complicated as LOTR. i found LOTR complicated only because of the names. this one, son of this one and this one, son of this one. it was really hard to keep track. but, i really enjoyed the movie. there are some amusing scenes. the kids are adorable. i’m actually interested in reading the book now, probably the whole series. did anyone else see it yet?


Yes. I saw it and there were a few times that I cried. I loved it and really, we just, and I mean just, got back from seeing it. I’m the same with how now I want to read the books. I haven’t read them, but now I think I should like to seeing as how the whole way home we were chatting about it.


I can’t wait to see it! The book was one of my favorites growing up and there was a cartoon version of it in the 70’s or 80’s and I even liked that. I bet if I saw it now it would seem kind of corny! Are the talking beavers in this one? They were so funny in the book!


yes, the talking beavers are in it. and they are funny and so cute!


I am so glad it’s as good as it looks.


We just got home from taking DS, 11yrs old, to see it. We all LOVED it. And I truly mean loved it. I think this film is so special, it’s destined to become a classic. I can envision my kids showing it to their kids, like we do with the Wizard of Oz.

I’m so glad I picked up some Narnia souvenirs for DS when I was in WDW last week. I got him the book, a tee shirt, the video game and a big color book on the making of the movie. They’re all going to be Christmas gifts, except for the book. That I gave him when I got home, so he can read it for school.

When we were in MGM they had a billboard advertising the coming of the set from the Narnia movie (where the HM set used to be). I’m not sure when it opens there, but I’m hoping we can see it in early January when we go back.


OMG I saw it yesterday with my GF, it was AWESOME!! Im going to see it again, like 10 times! (well maybe not that many but ya get what I mean, lol :wink:) But if you still have yet to see it you must see it!!! :smile:


I agree. I already want to go back and see it again.

I know my older sons (19 and 20yrs old) will love this as well.


I took the 3 DD’s last night. The 10 yr. old loved it, the 15 yr. old liked it but thought the movie was too long, the 6 yr. old liked it but cried in one spot and didn’t like the war scenes. The animals look so real in the movie it is unbelievable.


My daughter (14) and I really enjoyed it. If anything, actually, I would have liked it to have been about 20-40 minutes longer. I felt like some things happened too quickly. Maybe a director’s cut DVD?

I’m a huge fan of fantasy books, but I’ve never read this series. That will change.



The beavers were always one of my faves from the book. I cannot wait to see it–had to help HB while she was baking this weekend (I am the chief bottlewasher) and we are going sometime this week! I hope!!! I would recommend getting the series and reading all the books–I have read them throughout the years and enjoy them so much!! :tongue:


I agree, it is AWESOME! This is a movie that you MUST see on the big screen and then see it again then buy the DVD and watch a millions times. It is that good! Oh by the way did anyone else start clapping when they saw the PoC II trailer?? Several people in our theater (including me) did! That one looks AWESOME too!


Oh yes!! We are SO looking forward to the sequel. It looks…dare I say it…better than the original! :eek:


I am so eager to see it! Though I’m a rather long-time Narnia fan – the sort who always wants the dialogue to be just as it is in the books (I’ve heard of some changes – ah well!) – although there are some changes between the US and UK editions of the books (the US versions are in fact Lewis’ revised versions, so technically I prefer them, despite being an Anglophile – in VDT there is an island which in the UK version vanishes but in the US version does not vanish, the latter version being Lewis’ preferred end to that chapter) – so you have Maugrim in the original and Fenris Ulf in the US/revised, and I believe the fire stones on the secret hill are in one and not the other (replaced with words carved as deep as a spear is long in the trunk of the world ash tree; yes, the US version has more of a dash of Norse mythology, what with Fenris and the World Ash Tree…).



Though I know that no adaptation of any book to film will simply not be the same, and I am OK with that. I don’t like it if something changes the meaning of a scene or of dialogue as much, though. I like the attitude Peter Jackson took about Lord of the Rings – he said it was not the “definitive version” because that is the movie you see in your head when you read the book. And I think that applies to any adaptation of a work, so I am OK if this is not “perfect” by my standards. :slight_smile:


Oh I am so glad to hear the good reviews. We are going to try to see it this weekend. We loved all the books in the series. I don’t think I will take the 5 year old though. It seems a bit intense for him.