I saw Pixar Play Parade


So I just spent 3 fabulous days at Disneyland with my BF and a friend and a few other friends/my bfs family. We saw the debut showing of Pixar Play Parade. Overall I was very impressed and thought of it to be a fabulous parade and I think it shines a bright new light on what DCA is to become (even if it was missing a few of the parade units, it was still awesome).

I also got a new close up view of the Toy Story Midway Mania building…VERY VERY nice! Very Main Streetish and VERY Victorian/Turn of the century era style. DCA is finally hatching into the beautiful swan, hat tips to TDA/WDI. :biggrin:

And overall I havent seen the resort looking this great, everything is starting to take place and get ready for the big overhall for DLR…awesome!


Oh you’re so lucky to have seen that, it sounds wonderful and the Toy Story building too sounds great. We hope to visit DL one day so we enjoy reading about it very much.


Ahhh, Always the DCA optimist that Anaheimboy is :wink: :laugh:. For some reason the “Main Street/Victorian” design you saw on the new Toy Story attraction surprises me. For some reason, in my head, I was picturing it to be more “old school boardwalk”-ish. Especially since it’s based on Midway games.

So, heard any buzz? Do you think I’ll be riding it the last week of June (21st-24th) when I am there?

I am glad you approve of the new Pixar Play Parade, I trust your judgement & I am so excited to see it for myself. I was actually a fan of Block Party Blast so I can’t wait to see the replacement. I like seeing Pixar characters, it feels fresh & new.

Thanks for the update, any pictures?


I saw this today: News: Interactive Disney ride opens this summer | ride, games, disney, game, story - OCRegister.com

says . . . mid June!




Disneyland Park Update (Disneyland Park Update) by MousePlanet Staff


The new parade is DEFINITELY something I’d love to see!


Quoting myself . . . here is another review . . . it’s funny!! :laugh: :laugh:

Disney’s Pixar Play Parade is all wet - Travel - LATimes.com


You are too lucky to have been there to see all that! congrats.


Awesome that you saw it. Do you have any pics? You know we all love pics. I’m glad it was a nice replacement.


There are pics in this link!

Disneyland Park Update (Disneyland Park Update) by MousePlanet Staff