I should know this but


I should know this but just to be sure, the park hours you see on disney’s site, the extra magic hours are up and over what is listed right/wrong? Thank you kindly!


up, over, right, wrong? I am confused. hehe.


If the hours are 9:00am-9:00pm and under those hours it says extra magic hours than the days are longer?


Yes that’s correct. The EMH are earlier or later than the regular hours, which are the hours posted.


I sure hope they are right! I made my plans accordingly. :mickey:


If the park hours on the official WDW website show MK open from 9am til 9pm and show MK is an extra magic hour park for that day, then you need to figure out if it is any EMH morning or evening. If it is an EHM morning, then the park would open (for resort guests) at 8:00am, if it’s an EMH evening, then it will stay open up to three extra hours at night (midnight). This is for resort guests only, so the hours on their site are listed for the general public.


Yes, EMHs are in addition to what is shown on the calander. Click on the line that says EMH and it will show the dates and times for all EHMs so you will know if it is AM or PM EMH for that day.


OK…I know that they check your resort card on the way in, but how do they know at the end of the day for the evening hours if you are a resort guest?


You show your room pass/MYW ticket to a cast member and get a wristband to wear. In some cases you may have to go to guest services and not just any CM.


Make your plans for the EMH, but keep in mind, they might be wrong! For our trip in Oct., all of the EMH were different from what was posted online. And yes, I double checked it several times before we left.