I should run with this!


We just got back from Disney a few weeks ago and I am really wanting to go back!!! We stayed at SSR this time on rented points and last time at OKW with a 50%discount because my SIL worked for the airlines- we really enjoyed both places!!!
I was sitting here today and told my husband that a Christmas trip would be nice and he agreed!! (Prob next year!!) I told him that I have become majorly addicted to Disney and…we got on the subject of DVC!!! Now mind you the man would not look at it when we were there a few weeks ago!! I started telling him some pros and cons and the incentives(one being the 500 reward points we got in the mail yesterday) and his response was-----“We can do whatever you want”!!! He wants to look into it!!! I am so excited I just had to tell my friends here on MB!!!:laugh:


Wow! That is exciting!!!:happy: We bought in 2000, after even my dh had to agree that our yearly trips were costing a lot more than DVC - and we’ve NEVER been sorry. A couple of years ago we bought some more points, enough for 2 weeks a year. If you know that you’re “Disney” people and a lot of WDW vacations are in your future, it’s a very good investment.


Yay, you’re one step closer to DVC than I am. Go, go, go…


Sounds like whatever you want means, buy, buy, buy… take your time, but congratulations. I could never get my husband to do that in a million years…


Good for you!! I am still trying to decide if it is worth it for us. The more I learn about it, the more I want it!! Maybe next trip I will take a tour.


Oh I love when DHs say that!! But you know it’s gonna cost you! wink wink :laugh: I’ve been looking into it for awhile now, but he’s not interested because of the monthly dues, but I hope to get him on a tour this trip…
yeah for you!!!


We have a lot of research to do—the frustrating thing is we were there just 2 weeks ago and we could have taken a tour and had all our questions answered, plus got free fastpasses!!!


If you have any questions feel free to PM me, I could talk DVC all day.


DARN IT, there goes ANOTHER one of my renters! :biggrin: Glan you enjoyed your trip.

Sent you a PM.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;851259]DARN IT, there goes ANOTHER one of my renters! :biggrin: Glan you enjoyed your trip.

Sent you a PM.[/QUOTE]

I"D be glad to rent from you!


Thanks, everyone!! This is very exciting, yet scary at the same time!! I’m sure I will be asking lots of ?'s:laugh:


Ask way, that’s why we’re here. I have a wonderful guide who walked us through everything. She was very supportive of us buying a sold out resort (BCV) if that’s the direction you are thinking of going.


Yeah… run with it… get him to sign before he changes his mind… lol…:laugh:


Go for it!!! We are DVC members and cannot get enough. It is so worth it. I’ll talk DVC all day with you. I have sent several friends to talk to our friends at DVC. We own at SSR, but my parents prefer staying at WL and the next resort on Lil Brer’s list is OKW. Gotta love the choices!!!


Congrats to you. I hope he goes for it.


Congrats to you! U have been back and forth with the idea FOREVER!! The only thing in the back of my mind is that I want it but my DH doesnt so it will be coming out of MY paycheck… I need a new DH!! Perhaps a Disney one :laugh:


What an idea! Mine doesn’t mind Disney, but isn’t WDW crazy enough to consider DVC unfortunately, so if you find one that is, ask if he has a brother for me!:laugh:


Call quick before he changes his mind!!! LOL