I still have AP discount cards!


Call me at 563-340-9633 if you are interested. Thanks!


Are you selling them?


I doubt it, but there is a referral “bonus” for whoever’s name is on the card. I got 4 of them in the mail this week.


Any reason for getting them? I hadn’t heard of them until yesterday.


From what I understand, AP holders are gettiing these cards. Give them to your friends, they get a 10 % discount and you get a 25 dollar gift card.


I thought they may have been for sale the way there were being offered and 2 threads later.


Yes, it did seem like that. The $25 gift card bonus for referring friends would be the reason for the excitement :happy:


If interested, you can either PM me or call/text me at 563-340-9633. I can send it to you asap. Thanks!