I think I cursed myself


When I told Tinkerbelle24 that rain was not so bad at WDW…because according to the 15 day forecast it’s going to rain everyday I am there!!

This weather chart has changed everyday for the last four days so who knows how reliable it is, but I am glad I bought some Crocs and found our old ponchos!:laugh:
AccuWeather.com - Orlando, FL - 15 Day Weather Forecast - Local Weather Forecasts

Just a warning…if this holds true I just need to go ahead and apologize now because my hair is going to be frizzyyyyyyyy in my TR pictures!:laugh:


Oh Bella I’m right there with you since we are there at the same time!!!


Don’t worry, as my DH and I like to say, if you don’t like th weather in FL, wait 15 mins.

Anything can and will happen in FL. The forecast could change several times between now and your arrival day. You are doing the right thing by being prepared. Just roll with whatever happens and have an amazing time.


Just remember that rain can be a blessing at the parks. We always seem to have the best time when it rains.

But, I hear ya on the frizzy hair.:pinch:


I agree with yah and that’s exactly what I told Tink! I guess Mickey heard me and wanted it to rain for me!:laugh: :laugh: Oh well…I just wanted everyone to know that during non rain times my hair is beautiful!:laugh:


just take a lot of “trying on hats” pictures.:laugh:


Just like any other seasoned Disney veteran you know VERY well that sometimes getting on the attractions during rain storms is the best time! People like to hide out & as long as you have your crocs & poncho you’ll be all set to brave it. I’ve NEVER had a WDW TR without frizzy hair so I totally understand. The humidity down there is killer no matter what. You are going to have a BLAST!!!


Yes, we are in the great weather in the am . . . cloud over at 3pm . . . downpour for 15 minutes . . . sunshine and rainbows till nightfall KINDA WEATHER right now!! :laugh: It’s humid too . . . but hey you’ll be in Disney!! Don’t worry about the weather . . . as a Floridian I find the forecast never is “right”?!?!? :blink: Just go with the flow . . . you’re on vacaaaaaaaation!! :wub:


Bella…did you SEE my trip report?!? :blink: I had the frizzy hair and the shiny skin that makes Florida vacation pictures oh-so-lovely. :dry:

You will still look fabulous no matter what, and maybe those showers will drive away a bunch of people for you! :happy: Yay!!


Well Wishy and Kim get ready for a lot of rainy photo text messages! :laugh:
I’m OK with the rain really…I went for a short two day trip and it rained the whole time and I was unprepared…and now I am tots ready!


Sweet, hit me with those texts! :tongue:

I betcha it won’t even rain that much…especially since you’re prepared this time! It always works that way…:laugh:


Hopefully it will be just quick passing showers. Seems like they call for showers in the forecast but it will only rain for a little bit then clear up. Hope you have clear skies! :cool:


Ha-Ha . . . so true! My friend always says, “If I bring my ponchos it doesn’t rain, if I don’t it does!!” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


It’s totally that way in Oregon too…when we’re prepared for rain, it’s sunny and gorgeous. And when we don’t even think to take an umbrella or jacket out the door, we end up in a rainstorm! :laugh:


OoOoOO, I CANNOT wait!! :tongue: I will have my phone battery charged 100% so I can receive all the awesome frizzy-haired messages you want to send! :biggrin:


OH!!! Well look who it is! :heart: :biggrin:


Forget about this thread - IT’S DAYDREAMER!!!:goofybounce: :goofybounce: :goofybounce:

Sorry, Bella…I don’t want to comment as not to curse myself for September with bad weather.:whistling :laugh:


This is so true, I always take my ponchos (from like 6 years ago) and it never rains. I can relate to the whole frizzy hair thing; that’s why I’m always armed with a ton of hair bands. My hair just doesn’t do well in Florida humidity.


Not to put a damper on this thread-but speaking as a Floridian whose daughter had to escape the wild fires in Palm Bay(she was subbing at Westside Elementary School and was trapped between 2 major fires),I pray for rain every day so the treat of wild fires is diminished. Just a thought to consider.


Wow that is a downer!!
In that case…rain all the time!