I think I may be going crazy thinking about Jan. room rates?


Howdy all,

I think I may have DW on board to plan a basic trip in January. We were originally going to go then and book POFQ or POR for like 5-6 days much like our trip earlier this year to SSR.

Well we ended up finding a house and putting an offer on it that was accepted. That put the kibosh on that trip.

Now, we are both wiped out at how long this house buying thing has taken and various other stressors going on that we are now talking about going for like 3-4 days but staying at a Value. I could have sworn that I saw somewhere that discount rates had been released for that time frame. I tried to look on the website last night and did not find anything but I am sure I saw something or got something in my email about rates for that time.

Anyone, happen to be corroborate my story before I see fit to have my head examined even though I know the verdict is that I have Disney withdrawal?


I’m right there with you. My brother just called me asking if I know of any deals for January. To my amaze, I could not find anything except if he is a Disney Visa card holder, which he is not. You would think they would have some type of discount code released for that time frame by now.


Hey Beth,

I actually found an email that Disney sent last month for FLorida residents with rates to stay in Value resorts for 30% off(other discounts for the other resort levels) on select dates but we have to actually call them in it cannot be booked online. We are hoping to go up the week before MLK Jr holiday weekend which the discount covers so now it is just waiting to get the house closing done with and then I can plan it out :slight_smile:


I got an email pin for Jan/Feb but you had to have booked by October 24th I think. I called and they couldn’t re-instate the pin code. The other offer for buy 4 get 3 free is going on too- those dates work?


Do you have a Disney Visa? I found this offer. (according to mousesavers this is the only offer for that time - so far)

Disney Rewards Visa Winter Discount

Disney Rewards Visa cardholders can take advantage of a 40% discount at Walt Disney World Moderate, Deluxe and Deluxe Villa resorts. Valid most nights: 1/1/10-2/11/10. Some resorts will NOT be available for all dates. Use code OIZ.

To calculate the rates, take 40% off regular “Rack” rates. Your stay will be priced on a day-by-day basis, so rates may be higher or not available on weekends.

About Booking

You must book by 11/30/09. For phone bookings, you pay a deposit of one night’s room rate plus tax. No change or cancellation fee will be charged if you make your modification more than 5 days before arrival