I think I'm being followed


Yeah, I think I am being followed by… THE MOUSE!!! :mickey:

I just went to a Florida news website to read about this earthquake, what was staring me in the face? An ad… “Disney annual pass, click to learn how to order.”

So then I went to the Weather Channel website to check our weather for the week, and what was staring me in the face there? ANOTHER Disney ad; “Package discounts as low as $450 for a family of 4!” With the “Year of a Million Dreams” logo.

I was also checking out what airfare might possibly cost us flying into LAX in June and leaving from Las Vegas, what was staring me in the face? ANOTHER Disney ad, but this time… for Disneyland!!!

This is really starting to bother me. haha, It’s only pushing my PDD further into a deep hole. :pinch: :mellow: :glare:


Spooky…yet fun!

Do you have the link for the annual passes?


That happens to me everywhere I visit…those advertising things must read cookies on our harddrive.

When Matt has been browsing, motorcycle ads show up…very odd!


And if you put the Travel Channel on, you might just find the Disney Travel specials on this evening. The Disney Resorts just started and at 8:00, Disney Cruise Line is on.


May I suggest a good spyware program?


I am watching now, thank you.:happy: They are showing ToT!!:ohmy: