I think Im going Disney crazy


So today was the day I realized that I will be driving to orlando in less than 9 days with my pregnant friend to go to MK for 1 day for a quick Disney fix for my bday… I think Im going nuts!!! 15-17 hour drive just for this…
Shopping at the disney outlet store just to get pins for my Sept trip
Going to DTD to go to Once upon a toy
Eating Dinner at Ohanna’s
Then on sat waking up crack of dawn after the long drive Thurs into Friday just to eat breakfast at Chef mickeys and go to MK for the day… Then at 7pm when the park closes hop into the car and come home… …

This is a trip just for me and my friend pam… My husband thinks we fell off of our rockers… :laugh: I think Im perfectly fine:happy:

What makes me also think Im going nuts for Disney is that yesterday I got the strangest idea to sell ALL of my Tupperware inventory at my desk for cheap cheap cheap!!! When I say cheap I mean $5.00 for a $30 set… Yea… Thay cheap… $20 for a $100.00 set… I will do and sell anything for Disney!! :heart: I did make over $300 in 2 days of liqu all my Tupperware and my DH is HAPPY to see most of it go:laugh:

Just wanted to share how Disney crazy I am!!


I don’t see anything unusual.


You ARE perfectly fine! If I could make it in 15 hours, I’d be there too!


Sounds wonderful and not at all crazy- good for you have a terrific time.


Thanks all! I happy that ya all see it my way!!! I knew my DH was the crazy one!! :laugh:


I think its cute- but I would have found a flight instead- I hate riding in the car for more than a half hour!

I would have even waited in an airport with a long layover for a really cheap fare…


I seriously have checked like… EVERY HOUR!!! Nothing cheap enough that will beat the price of gas in my car RT… Besides… I love road trips especally when I dont have to do the driving!! :laugh:


I think I am a tortured kid who suffered trips to fla twice a year with parents that drove straight through and insisted on us “watching the scenary” the entire ride:laugh:
Did you try priceline?


I did but I dont know if I trust them… I need to know what time my flights are before i pay… The cheapest was $240 RT and for $180 RT could be gas…


i could make it in 10 if hubby would go with me


I figure that if you put in leaving on one day and returning on one day that its no different than having to get stuck in traffic or even worse on the side of the road. I have dont priceline many times when I needed as cheap as possible- I would take the regular fare that everyone was offering and then offer priceline about half that to see if they would take it… I just wont do it with the kids and airfare because you could get a layover and 4 kids stuck in an airport is my version of ultimate nightmare!


I think it is a absolutely great to just throw caution to the wind, and go for things sometimes. You gotta live it up every once in a while… heck … why not all the time!:wink:


If you’re gonna go crazy… you might as well go DISNEY crazy! :tongue:


I’m with you on this one woohoo; my parents were the same way. If it were just me and my husband, I’d drive; but with the kids - just get me there as soon as possible. My 6 year old can’t go 30 minutes without asking “Are we there yet.”

Tinkerbelle24 I hope you have an AWESOME time; even if it is only for one day - just think of the memories you and your friend will have:mickey: .


Hey, I’d do it if I could!


Thats the best crazy to be:heart:


i would LOVE to go, even if just for a day…but DH says not this year. i keep trying to figure out how to change his mind.

if there is free dining in september, i may be able to do it…maybe. doubt it though. i need to plan our (cheaper) beach vacation. at least i can go somewhere, right?