I think the answer is yes, but


If you buy a 10 day myw ticket, after a few days you start to use it, can you then put the ticket toward an annual pass? We are going for 14 nights and planning and hoping for an AP discount, but I just wonder if we buy one AP and my DH gets a myw ticket, can he upgrade? I’m a little concern after a week of disney, he may want to take several days off, so the 10 day MAY be enough for him. But if everything goes perfect, he would still have the option of upgrading to an AP and go into the parks everyday. The cost difference is about 200 dollars and this would most likely be our only trip with the AP this year. Am I making any sense?


You have always been able to upgrade in the past and I haven’t heard it has changed.


Thanks, I thought about it this morning and we aren’t going till dec…but I like to have all the bases covered, no surprizes if I can help it.